How many years The Cold War lasted for?

The Cold War is a political and social world started in the 40s. It virtually divided the world to two as Western Bloc and Eastern Bloc. Biggest powers of Western Bloc were the United States and BM while Eastern Bloc takes power from USSR and Warsaw Pact. Especially Nazi Germany’s rise and fall changed the political and social environment for many times and last days of Nazi Germany left two superpowers in the world as United States and USSR. Also there was a neutral faction of countries like India and Egypt which are not supporting any of the superpowers. It took the cold war name because world was under the threat of war, nuclear weapons and mutual assured destruction but there was no military combat. How many years The Cold War lasted for?

It was the George Orwell that used the Cold War term for this first time after World War 2. Term was located in “You and the Atomic Bomb” essay of Orwell. Also in 1946, Orwell wrote “[a]fter the Moscow conference last December, Russia began to make a ‘cold war’ on Britain and the British Empire” for The Observer.
Some historians believe that starting time of Cold War is after World War 2 but there’s also a popular idea that tension between Russia and European countries- USA started in 19th century and boosted after World War 1. After Russian revolution, Joseph Stalin used the term “socialist island” for Soviet Union and added that countries of capitalism will replace to socialist ones.

On the other hand, Western powers supported white army in Soviet Russia in Russian Civil War and also gave power to anti-Bolshevik White movement. Soviet Union supported “British general workers strike” in the England and English government broke all relationship with Russia. Also United States didn’t recognize them since 1933.
After World War 2, United States and Russia started to produce strong weapons and some of them were nuclear weapons. After US send atom bomb to Japan and war finished, there were many meeting and congress about after war situation and peace but in many meetings, Russian and US leaders talked about new strong weapons against enemies.
After 1945, many new countries are joined by occupy or agreement to Eastern and Western Bloc and they gained more and more power. There were many different periods of cold war that US made a new move or Soviet Union made it. Also there were some problems between countries in Eastern Bloc and Western Bloc. Especially conflict between Yugoslavia and Soviet Union is followed by Marshall Plan and support of US to Western Bloc countries.
After 1950, Cold War era is became one of the biggest political topics in the world and all countries were affected from it. It also boosted the technology and other titles. Man went to space and land on moon. But there was also a big weapon production all over the world. In 70s, there were many efforts to stop the Cold War and many meetings are held between Russian and American presidents. But in 1979, an era known as Second Cold War started after Russia supported Iran Revolution against United States. Also Soviet War in Afghanistan was one of the most important political topics of era.
First signs of Cold War’s end came with “The fall of the Berlin Wall” Wall was separating communist Germany and Democratic Germany. The Cold War finished with Soviet dissolution and last of Eastern Bloc totally.
In nearly 60 years, over 20 wars are caused by The Cold War and thousands of people died cause of fight or poverty. Cold War era followed to liberal democracies in many countries.


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