How Many Cat Breeds Are There In The World?

How Many Cat Breeds Are There In The World?


Cats are one of the most common pets in the world and they are known to be independent animals. In case you are a cat lover or you want to learn how many cat breeds are there in the world, you are going to find the answer to it in this article. But as always, we are going to provide you some interesting facts about the cats. After that, we are going to provide you the answer to this question. So, let’s start! For instance, an average cat can spend two third of the day by sleeping. According to this cat, a cat who is 9 years old only stayed awake for 3 years in her lifetime.


Although we feed them at our homes for thousands of years, cats still have their wild instincts. Unlike the dogs, cats lower their head with their prey while they are chasing them. Female cats usually use their left paws more while most of the male cats prefer to use their left paws more. You have probably heard various voices coming from your cat. But we can easily say that you have not heard all of their voices although you are living with your cat for years. They have more than hundreds of different voices while this amount is only limited to ten in dogs.


We accept these lovely animals as pets however some of the Asian countries consider them as food. In fact, cat meat is very popular in most of the Asian countries. We totally oppose this opinion however here is another sad fact. China alone consumes more than 4 million cats in a year. Many animal lovers try to do something about this violence but the government of China still allows such applications. Papa declared that the cats are evil during the Spanish Inquisition and thousands of cats were slaughtered in Europe!


However, cats managed to take their revenge at the end. When the amount of the cats dramatically decreased, the mice population increased in the same proportion. As a result, the great pestilence occurred and millions of people lost their lives during this period. Did you know that we sent a cat to space? The first cat that went to space went there in 1963. Her name was Felicette and it was a French cat. For those who wonder the condition of the cat, she managed to come back to earth without any problem.


Like dogs, cats do not have sweat glands in their bodies. They sweat from their paws. We have mentioned that they sleep a lot and they spend one-third of their time by cleaning themselves or each other. These were all facts that we have planned to share with you. Now let’s talk about the answer to our question. According to International Progressive Cat Breeders Alliance (IPCBA), there are 73 different cat breeds in the world. However, we know some cat breeds which are not recognized as a breed yet. When we include these breeds as well, the total amount can easily exceed 80 breeds.

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