How many square meters is the Amazon rain forest?

When we look at the natural structure of the whole world, we see that the world formed by water and soil. Approximately 4/3 of the world is water and the rest part is the soil. And when we think about the part that are covered by the soil we see that some parts of these places are the forests. From the point of the ecological balance of the world, forests are very important not only for the people but also for the other things that are animate. First of all, the forests of the world provide the whole world oxygen and by using this oxygen people can keep their lives going on. amazon_yagmur_ormanlari_resimleri

On the other hand when we think about the positive sides of the forests we can count lots of things. Another beneficial way of the forests are that lots of the plants and animals are living those forests and by feeding from the forests these animals can keep their lives going on. When we think about the whole world, we can easily say that the biggest forest areas are on the regions of equator and in this region the most dense forests are the Amazon Rainforests. Today we are going to analyze the Amazon Rainforests in a short way. First of all Amazon Rainforests are placed in the South America and these countries have soils in Amazon Rainforests. Those countries are: Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Equator, Bolivia, Guiana, and Surinam. The meter square of the Amazon Rainforests is approximately 4,100,100. Each year millions tons of rain are dropping the region and it can be easily said that almost every day in the year the rain is available in the region of Amazon. When we look at the ratio of the forests we can see that approximately %60 of the forests are in Brazil and %13 of them are in Peru. It can be easily said that Amazon Rainforests forms half of the all of the rainforest’s in the world and in the world the most biggest types of the animals and the plants are living in the Amazon Rainforests. In the whole year approximately, in these rainforests between 1750 and 2000mm rain are available.

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The need of the world as a rain are taken by the Amazon Rainforests and these rainforests send the moisture to the atmosphere and they are balancing the situation in the world from the point of the temperature and the need of water by the whole world. From the different regions of the world need lots of water in order to keep their lives continue and they are getting the water only from the underground waters and on the other hand they are getting the water from the rain waters and because of this fact rain forests are very important for people in order to get their water and in order to keep their lives going on. Like in the past, in the future the Amazon Rainforests will help people in order to find the water for themselves.


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