How Many Cities Are There In The World?

How Many Cities Are There In The World?


Cities can be considered as small countries within real countries. Each city has a different feature to offer its visitors. They can also be different in terms of the culture, living standards even two or more cities are in the same country. In this article, we are going to provide you detailed information about how many cities are there in the world. But before we provide you the answer, we are going to provide some interesting facts about the cities in the world. Now let’s stop wasting more time and start with this information.

Let’s start with the most and least crowded cities in the world. These two cities are Shanghai and Vatican. As you can guess the Vatican has the lowest population with only nine hundred people living in the city. On the contrary to this, there are more than twenty-four million people living in Shanghai. New York and Istanbul are in the second and third places among the most crowded cities in the world. The Death Valley National Park in the United States is the hottest area in the world. The temperature in this area can reach up to 56 degrees in the hottest days. It will be worth to note that this area is a pure desert.

In addition to this, world’s coldest place is in Antarctica. It is located in the East part of the continent and the lowest temperature recorded until the day is -135 degrees. It is not possible for a man to survive in this region for more than five minutes without any equipment. Moreover, let’s talk about the city which has the highest average IQ. As you can guess, this title belongs to one of the Asian countries. The average IQ level of people living in Hong Kong is 107!


Ekvator Gine has the lowest average IQ in the world. The average IQ in this city is only 59. Moreover, Groningen city of Holland is the city which has the most bicycles in the world. More than the half of the population prefer bicycles in order to go from one point to another. If you wonder the world’s oldest city then it is located in Syria. The city of Damascus has the history of 11,000 years and this makes the city the oldest city in the world. The Reykjavik city located in Ireland is the city which consumes the least electricity in the world.


The richest city in the world is in Japan again. In addition to this, the poorest city in the world is the capital city of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Kinshasa. These were all of the information that we have planned to share in this article. Now let’s talk about the answer we have promised at the beginning of the article. The total amount of the cities in the world is 2.469.501. You are surprised to see this much city, right? We had the same reaction when we found out the answer. Do not forget to share the city you are living in with us by leaving a comment to this article.

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