How many times New York Giants won the Super Bowl Championship?

The New York Giants is one of the most popular American football teams in USA. Team is representing New York metropolitan area. They are playing in East Division of NFC. They play their games in MetLife Stadium. Team is sharing now the stadium with New York Jets. New York Giants joined league in 1925 and it’s the only one team still playing in league since 1925. There’s also a professional baseball team with the same name. Team’s first name was “New York National League Football Company, Inc.” Owners changed it to “New York Football Giants, Inc. in 1937. How many times New York Giants won the Super Bowl Championship?

New York Giants has 4 Super Bowl Championships. Big Blue fans saw their first championship in 1986-87 season. It was a season that some changes created big controversies. Especially major rule change that avoided player’s from wearing commercial things like equipment and hats created big controversies. New York Giants finished the league with .875 in 14 wins. Then they passed San Francisco and Washington in Playoffs to play final against Denver Broncos. Super Bowl XXI played on Rose Bowl. While Broncos came to final with narrow victories, Giants surpassed league with their “Big Blue Wrecking Crew” defense. They allowed only 3 points in Playoffs. After first quarters passed in balance, Giants made 26 unanswered points in third and fourth quarters. Final is watched by 87.2 million viewers in CBS.

New York Giants fans waited for 4 seasons for a new cup. 1990-91 season was the second time New York Giants won the super bowl. It was the season that playoff format changed from 10 teams to 12 teams. Also some rule changes to speed up the game are made. New York Giants finished the league with .813 in 13 wins. They passed Chicago and San Francisco in Playoffs to go finals against Buffalo Bills. Final match was very exciting and it became the only one Super Bowl match decided with 1 points. It was the Gulf War era and players run into grass with most patriotic emotions ever. They fought and run for America. Whitney Houston singed “The Star-Spangled Banner” in pregame ceremony. “Power football” system of Giants became a legend in NFL history.

New York Giants totally dominated 2007 NFL season while winning their third Super Bowl championship. It was the first time since 1978 when 16-game regular season system started that a team finished league without defeated. It was also a shocking season that firstly New England Patriots’ defensive end defensive end died in a Jet Ski crash and then Redskins’ defensive back Sean Taylor was shot in his home. Giants passed Tampa Bay, Dallas and Green Bay Packers in Playoffs to play against New England. Super Bowl XLII is played in University of Phoenix Stadium. It’s planned to play the final game in Washington, D.C. or New York City because of September 11 attacks’ recovery symbol but none of the stadiums were ready for such a big game. Writers agreed that final match is one of the biggest upsets in the history of sports. Only thing to remember from match is Giants’ game winner drive in fourth quarter. 97.5 million People watched the Super Bowl XLII. Also match became one of the most watched TV program in the USA history.
Last championship of New York Giants is in the 2011 NFL season. They finished the league with .563 in 9 wins and 7 lost. They passed Atlanta, Green Bay and San Francisco. Final match was against New England Patriots and they defeat Patriots 21-17.

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