How many Terrier dog breeds are there?

Terrier dogs are one of the most popular dog types in the world. They are popular with their small, active and fearless characters. Today, five official groups are breeding terriers and they are registering the new terrier breeds. Terrier type dog has firstly seen on England and Ireland and they are one of the British symbols now. Different countries’ Terries show different abilities from dog show starring to following canal rats. In history, people made lots of crosses from terriers to create stronger warrior dogs. Breeds like Miniature Bull Terrier were born from these crosses. How many Terrier dog breeds are there?

Today there are over 100 officially recognized Terrier breeds in the world. Some of the most popular ones are Boston Terriers and Pit bull terriers and Chihuahuas.
Boston terrier’s origin is United States. American Kennel Club recognized this breed on 1800s and nicknamed them as “American Gentleman”. Their main color is black. Also brindle and white markings are possible on Boston terrier. Boston terriers are characteristic with erect ears. Ears are vital for this breed. Also short tail is characteristic for them. Average lifetime of Boston terrier is 13. They have a very cute countenance and especially children like them. Their temperament is mostly silent. They rarely bark and mostly sleep on their doghouses. Boston terrier is one of the easiest to teach dogs ever. Main health problem of Boston terrier breed is cataract.

Yorkshire terrier is another popular terrier breed. It’s developed on Yorkshire area of England. Yorkshire terrier is a small dog and its weight is between 1.4 kg to 3.2 kg. Breed has a silky coat. Fédération Cynologique Internationale registered and nicknamed breed as Yorkie. It’s one of the most popular companion dog breeds today. When Yorkshire terrier has a good health condition, his coat shows hypoallergenic activity and allergenic people must stay away from them. It has a very friendly temperament but touching his equipment is dangerous especially for children. Breed has a lovely countenance. Bronchitis is the most common disease for Yorkshire terriers. Too much time between meals is the biggest problem for this breed.

The Airedale Terrier is another England originated terrier breed. It’s the largest terrier ever in the world. Breed is created to hunt otters and they are a very good swimmer. England police also use this breed as police dog. Breed has two level coats with harsh on top and soft on deep. Their temperament is always active and fearless. They are not aggressive but sometimes bark continuously. Their hunting dog history sometimes comes to up. Shorting the tail of breed in the five days after birth is a tradition but not a must. They have a very lovely face but it’s possible to see some orientation problems in body on first look. They mostly face skin problems but don’t feel it because of their coat. They notify it when it became a big health problem.
Chihuahua terrier is one of the smallest dog breeds in the world. Their origin is coming from Chihuahua State, Mexico. Breed history created various Chihuahua terrier types in different sizes and head shapes. Breed became a popular city dog with its size and lovely face. Chihuahua’s temperament is mostly aggressive. They can be easily provoked and attack. Dog clubs don’t offer Chihuahua breed to families with small children in house. Also Chihuahua likes to sleep in dens and use pillows, under beds and similar for it. So it’s very dangerous to sit or sleep in their room without notification. Biggest health problems for them are hypoglycemia and diabetes.

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