How many ways are there to increase chance of having twins?

It’s a very special situation in life to have a twin brother or sister. It’s possible to see that number of twin or multiple pregnancies is higher than ever. There are lots of reasons for this but main reason is fertility drugs and treatments. There’s no definite way to be pregnant for twins but lots of people think that having twin means having two children in one pregnancy. Today there are lots of myths and truths about twin pregnancy. How many ways are there to increase chance of having twins?

Most popular way to increase chance for twin pregnancy is fertility drugs like Clomid. Drugs like Clomid are effecting ovulation period and resulting by multiples eggs releasing. It’s definite that it’s hard to find gynecologists who will allow using drugs for only twin or multiple pregnancies. But it’s also true that there are some gynecologists allowing this.
There are also lots of studies on twin or multiple pregnancy reasons. They are not still a scientific truth but most of practitioners are trying them for couples want twins. According to last researches, breastfeeders in pregnancy period are more likely to have twin children. Main reason of this situation is calcium depletion and its effect on ovulation.

Family history is also effecting having twins chance. Researches showed than twins have a bigger rate of multiple pregnancies. This family genetic allows ovulating more eggs than one. Especially twin histories of fraternal or dizygotic have more chance than others. It’s not possible to say same chance level for histories on identical or monozygotic twins.
There are also lots of myths about twin or multiple pregnancies in the world. Yams were very popular in 80s because according to a popular myth, a tribe who is popular with twins was eating yams for all days of week. According to myth, a chemical in yams were triggering multiple ovulation.
Beside myths and other research, chance of having twins is not so low. According to Centers for Disease Control, nearly 130.000 twins are born in a year in United States. It means every 32 of 1000 live births are twins. Also in 2008, there were 5,877 triplet births, 46 quintuplet or higher births and 345 quadruplet births. Because of fertility treatment, women 45-49 have twins or multiple in recent years.

Especially “Follicle Stimulating Hormone” is the reason of twin or multiple pregnancies after 40 year old. Doctors are using FSH for lowering fertility but it’s a phenomenon that sometimes when FSH levels are more than normal, the follicles start to overact and they force to release two or more eggs.
According to researches, race is also important for the twin or multiple pregnancy chance. African-Americans have more pregnancy on twins or multiple while Caucasian women don’t have so high chance level. But it’s still not possible to say the exact level of multiple pregnancy chance.
Some researchers showed that fat women are more likely to have twin or multiple pregnancies. Main reason of this situation is fat’s triggering power on estrogen. It’s a scientific truth that estrogen levels on fat woman are bigger than slim ones. Estrogen mostly triggers ovaries and they release more than one eggs.
Connection between height and twin or multiple pregnancies is still controversial. But researches showed that tall women are more likely to have twin or multiple pregnancies. It’s very hard to find the exact reason behind this connection but most popular theory for this connection is that some nutrition triggering height are also triggering the chance to have twins or multiple pregnancies.

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