How Many Chocolate Companies are there in the world?

A short view to Chocolate

Chocolate is a food that are made with the seeds of chocolate tree and these seeds are called as also cores. When we look at the world’s history, from long years chocolate has been consumed by lots of people. It is very delicious and people like it very much. If it is want, people can add nuts, peanuts and milk and that make it much more delicious. Chocolate is a passion for lots of people but why it is so effective and why people like it very much. Now let’s look at the a short history of chocolate.choc-back

History of Chocolate.

B.C a group whose name is Olmecs produces a tree and its name is cacao tree. And then the Mayans see that an animal’s getting a fruit from this tree and then they start to learn how to use this fruit. A.D 600 the Mayans produces a drink with chocolate and according to a legend the king of Aztecs drinks up to 50 glass chocolate in a day. On the other hand, in communities like Aztecs and Mayans drinking chocolate is very important event and ordinary people can’t drink chocolate in their daily lives. It is an aristocratic thing for them. And from these communities the chocolate comes from our modern life and almost every day we are eating chocolate. When we compare our modern world to those ancient times it can be said that the man who are living in our modern day are very lucky because of easy finding of the chocolate. In our modern era with the help of the rapid development of technology and thanks to the industrial revolution there are lots of chocolate companies and brands and people can find those brands almost in all regions of the world.



The Number of Chocolate Companies in the World.

According to a research that is done recently, there are more than 200 chocolate companies in the world. There are lots of chocolate companies are there that are preferred by people. Some of them are; Milka, Ghirardelli, Hersheys, Ferroro Rocher, Thorntons, Guylian, Godiva and there are lots of them like these ones. When we look at the countries that the most qualitative chocolates are produced we can see these countries. First of all Belgium is very important country from the point of chocolate production and lots of people say Belgium it is a heaven of Chocolate. There are 12 chocolate companies in this country. Second we see the country of Switzerland, Zurich. Because of the widespread tablelands and great cows this country is very good at chocolate production. They are producing chocolates especially with milk. Third, we see the country of Spain and the city is Barcelona. Spanish people are the people who first invented the chocolate because of this they are producing very delicious chocolates. They produce first chocolate machine in the year of 1780 and from than time on they are good at chocolate.


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