How Many Subtypes of HIV virus are there?

What is HIV?

When it is thought generally in humanity’s history there are lots of disasters. In order to overcome these disasters people always have been working too much extend but on the other hand while people are overcoming to these disasters and illnesses because of the expanding the world and rapid globalization new disasters and illnesses are coming to the emergence. 201203143913_aids


There are some illnesses that can be overcome easily but on the other hand there are some illnesses that are very difficult to escape from them. On this point, the illness of AIDS is one of these illnesses that are almost impossible to escape from it. So what is AIDS and what is HIV viruses now all together let’s look at the AIDS and HIV virus and how they are affecting to the humanity. HIV is the virus that causes the illness of AIDS. It can be said that the illness of the AIDS is very dangerous because of the fact that it is harming to the human body and after some time it causes the demolishing the immune system of human body and as a result of this unfortunately when there is any situation like a small illness people bodies can’t bear that illness and indispensability at the end of the process people are dying. Now when we look at our modern world a lot of people are dying because of the AIDS. AIDS is stands for acquired immunodeficiency syndrome. When we look at the expansion of the world we can understand easily the characteristics of the illness. AIDS is the last level of HIV infection and on this level people can be cancer or other fatal disasters. Basically HIV virus is infected to the people from the animals of chimpanzees and gorillas that are living in western Africa. And there are some types of the virus of HIV, now let’s look at the types of it.

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The Number of types of HIV virus.

We can divide HIV virus into two major groups as HIV type 1 (HIV-1) and HIV type 2 (HIV-2) and these groups is also divided in their own right. HIV 1 is the most common virus in the whole world and it has types again. It has one major group and there are other two minor groups of HIV1. Group M and N are the major groups of it and on the other hand group O and P is the minor groups of the virus. And in the subtypes of the group M there are some of them on this list there are these types and the places of them in the world.

Subtype A is common in West Africa.

Subtype B is the dominant form in Europe, the Americas, Japan, Thailand, and Australia.

Subtype C is the dominant form in Southern Africa, India, and Nepal.

Subtype D is generally only seen in Eastern and central Africa.

(Subtype E) has never been identified as a no recombinant, only recombined with subtype A as CRF01_AE.

Subtype F has been found in central Africa, South America and Eastern Europe.

Subtype G (and the CRF02_AG) have been found in Africa and central Europe.

Subtype H is limited to central Africa.

(Subtype I) was originally used to describe a strain that is now accounted for as CRF04_cpx, with the cpx for a “complex” recombination of several subtypes.

Subtype J is primarily found in North, Central and West Africa, and the Caribbean

Subtype K is limited to the Democratic Republic of Congo and Cameroon.


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