How many sports are there in Olympic Games?

The Olympic Games are one of the biggest sport events in the world. They are organizing since ancient Greek times. Today over 200 nations are joining these games. First games of Olympics organized in Olympia, Greek. International Olympic Committee is founded in 1894 and this committee is determining the city that will host Olympic Games. Also they have a right to join new sports and remove old ones. Olympics didn’t organize in world war years and joined limited nations in cold war years like 1980 and 1984. How many sports are there in Olympic Games?

Today there are 30 disciplines, over 400 events and of 35 sports in Olympic Games program. Some games are only possible in Summer Olympic Games or Winter Olympic games. Also there are lots of categories of games like Wrestling has two categories as Freestyle and Greco-Roman.

All sportsman and sportswoman attending to Olympics must be amateur. There are lots of examples that players took award in Olympics but then Committee took it back because it’s discovered that he or she’s a former professional.

Today Olympics are a big race from choosing as the host city to taking gold award. There are also lots of controversies about Olympics. Main controversies are about gender discrimination and politic problems. All Olympics since 1908 is announced with some scandals. First problem on modern Olympics started with Finland team’s flag crisis because committee didn’t accept Finnish Flag even tough country is departed from Russia. Last scandal was in 2010 Winter Olympics and about finishing the lap without completing all tasks.

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