How Many Children Are There In The World?

How Many Children Are There In The World?


Children are the source of our joy. Any parent who has a kid will understand the difference they brought to our lives. They can let your moods change with a single smile. Parents may experience problems with their children from time to time but at the end of the day, they will forget everything when they hug their children. In this article, we are going to provide you the number of children in the world. But before we do that, we would like to provide information about children. These interesting facts will make you surprised!


For instance, if the bodies of babies would develop as fast as their brains they would reach to 77 kilos at the end of their first month in the world. In addition to this, babies spend sixty percent of their energy for their brains. Our brains still develop after the birth. The brain develops more between the ages 0 and 3, and this rate is even more than the sum up of the development of your brain in the rest of your life. Babies whose parents often talk to them usually know three hundred more words when they turn to 2 ages.


A child can understand seventy different words when he or she is one year old. However, they are only able to talk only a few of these worlds. There will be a boost in their vocabulary when they are 18 months old. An average kid can learn a new word once in two hours. You should not consider the following phrase bad in case your kid tells “This is mine!” when he or she plays with his or her peers. On the contrary, children began to understand the difference between themselves and other people. Thus they want to mark their own stuff by telling that phrase.


A baby has 300 separate bones in his or her body when he or she comes to the world. However, the amount of the bones will decrease to 206 as they start to grow up. Why does this happen? Because some bones merge as they grow up. It is proven that music speeds up the learning in children and it has a shooting effect on babies as well. Singing a song or playing an instrument will also develop visuospatial scratch orientation and math skills. Maybe this is because singing lullabies to babies is a global behavior among the mothers and caregivers.


A baby can also swallow while breathing until he or she turns to 6 months. This is one of the miracles which prevent us to lose our lives at the beginning of our journey. Other individuals who are older than 6 months are unable to perform such a thing. Now let’s talk about the number of children in the world. We would like to note that we have only included people ranging from 0 to 14 years old. There are 1,939 children in the world. It will be worth to note that this is the peak number in the history.

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