How Many Pandas Are There In The World?

How Many Pandas Are There In The World?


Pandas are kind of bears which are endangered. Today, mankind pays a great effort to keep these animals alive. Many authorities in China do their best in order to breed these animals under their controls. In this article, we are going to talk about the amount of the pandas left in the world. But before we do that, let us provide you some interesting facts about these lively and cute animals. For instance, they meet the ninety-nine percent of their daily diet from bamboos. Since these plants are low in energy, they have to consume lots of them. In addition to this, they are the only animals which consume bamboos.


Every panda in the world belongs to China. They do not sell any of their pandas but they hire them to other nations. Since they consume large amounts of bamboo in a day, it is possible for an average panda to defecate about 40 times in a day. Did you know that scientists have to wear panda costume in order to not disturb them while they are making research? You can find many funny videos where baby pandas rush to these scientists by finding them quite interesting. In addition to this, it will be worth to note that these animals are very stubborn. Especially their babies.


The average lifetime of a panda in the wilds is around 20 years. However, they can live up to 35 years in controlled environments such as zoos. There is a reason why these animals have to face with extinction. Of course, the destruction that mankind cause is in the first line however female pandas is only available for three days to mate in a year. When we consider that a panda has to spend fifty-five percent of the day to search for bamboos and eat them, the extinction is the fate of these animals. However, it is quite interesting that the pandas are in the world for more than three million years.


In order to support these efforts, newly born pandas in anywhere in the world will be sent to China in order to make the gene pool richer. Also, the fur of these animals is sold on the black market. A fur panda can be sold between sixty to hundred thousand dollars. These mammals are one of the mammals which have the most biting power in the world. They may be quite patient and a coward, however, no any man would want to mess with an angry panda. Even the world’s strongest man cannot stand in front of a panda for ten seconds.


In addition to this, they consume twenty kilos of bamboos in a day. Though they still do not receive the required daily energy from this food. Now let’s talk about the answer to our question. It will be worth to note that this amount is the approximate figure since there are still pandas living in the wilds. The total amount of the pandas left in the world is around 1900. The population of the pandas is increasing in each year as well.

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