How Many Men Are There In The World?

How Many Men Are There In The World?


As a man, I would like to tell that we are interesting creatures. We like to do weird things and try to understand the opposite sex throughout our lives. Some like to commit themselves to relationships while some like to be freer. In case you wonder the amount of the men in the world then you are going to find the answer to this in our article. However, as we always do, we are going to provide you some interesting facts about men before we provide you the exact answer. So let’s start with the first one. According to the research men who cheat have lower IQ than the average.

Again, according to another research, an average man spends one year of his life to look women. Maybe this amount may be a lot more depending on the culture you are raised. However, we believe that the average year should be a lot more than the finding. Half of the women who lose her lives due to murder are murdered by their former husbands or former boyfriends. Women are known to lie a lot but research proved the opposite. According to this research, an average man tells six lies in a day which is two times more than the women.


Men should pay attention to this fact, it was scientifically proven that heated laptops which are held on your lap can lead to infertility. In addition to this, an average man spends six months in his life to shave. Of course, those who still do not have any beard may be glad after reading this fact. You would waste too much time to shave. In this way, you can spend these times for more interesting things for yourself.


Now, this fact is really interesting. Bald men look 2-3 cm longer and more powerful in terms of the physical appearance when compared to those men who have hair. We think this is a great news for men who like to be bald. Again, another research proved that men who have attractive and beautiful wives be more happy in their marriage. However, it will be worth to note that, couples should get on well in order to enjoy their marriage. Taking care of yourself to look good is essential for both women and men. A man who was 99 years old divorced his wife, who was 96 years old after he learned that his wife cheated him back in the 1940s.

In addition to this, the first movie where two men kissed each other was Wings which was produced back in 1927. There were all facts about men. We hope you enjoyed it and we bet you did not know most of them before. Now let’s provide the real answer to our question. The total amount of men in the world is 3,753 billion. The amount of the men is more than the number of women in the world. And this number is increasing in each year with the increasing population of the world.


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