How Many People Are Dying because of the Skydiving Each Year in the Whole World?

Do you like the extreme sports? Do you have any sport activity that you do in your life in a regular way? Do you have any information about the deaths of the extreme sport activities in the world each year? In the world, there are lots of different sport activities and when we look at the history, it can be possible to see that people have been producing the new sport activities each day and it seems that in the future the people again will produce the new ones.


. At this point, we can say that there are lots of sport activities that are not dangerous for the health of the people but on the other hand it is possible to see that there are lots of different activities that are very dangerous for the people and people are call these dangerous activities as extreme sport activities and their risk is much more than other sport activities. At this point today we are going to make a short analysis about the development of the skydiving in the world and the number of the people who are dying because of the sport each year. Now let’s look at the history of the skydiving.


The History of Skydiving

As all we know, with the rapid development of the technology we have lots of the new innovations in our lives and correspondingly to this situation this kind of sport is the consequence of the technology. As all we know the sport of skydiving is done by jumping from the plane and the people who are doing that sport is doing lots of different actions and moves when they are on the sky and several of those actions are dangerous. When we look at the history of the sport of the skydiving, we can base this upon the invention of the plane, with the invention and the mass production of the plane and correspondingly the production of the parachutes that sport is emerged. In the world, millions of the people are doing this sport and they like it too much extend because from the history people are in demand of the flying and we can say that it is a curiosity for the people and in the history we can see the people who do the equipments for themselves in order to fly. At this point the activity of flying has been a curiosity and passion for the people and it will be the same situation when we think about the future. Up to now we mention about the positive sides of the sport but on the other hand like all of the things this sport has some risks and negative points. As all we know each year hundreds of the people are dying in the sport activities and in that sport there is a risk and when it is analyzed the number of the people who are dying because of the skydiving we can see that each year approximately 30 people are dying because of it each year.


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