How Many People Living in China ?

How Many People Living in China ?

China have biggest population in the world but actually how many people living in China ?

The numbers are really interesting, in 2010 The China Republic start to count people 🙂 . You can guess it is realy big project beacuse Chinese Population is 1.339.743 !! When i see this number i didn't belive my eyes. İ am guessing it can bu around 1 bilion 🙂  . %49.69 This population  is living in City's.

İn all the World Population  5 / 1 'is a Chinese !! 

İn China you can't have a second child, you can do only one child. İf you do

ne the second child the goverment is punishing you with jail and 3.500 Yuan money punishment. So you need to know the protection way from child ( contraception ) . İn one minute 34 Child is borning in China.

İf you are a second child of your family in china ( this child name is ghost childs ) the goverment didn't give you İD. And you can't go to scholl, you can't go hospital and you can't work in legal places. So you are like a ghost, now you can understand why their name is GHOST Childs.

İf you make a falsely pregnancy for second child , you need to go doctor and you need to abortion this child. İ think this rules are so hard for people. You can't be happy if your wife is pregnant for your second child, Can you belive that ?

Last Result ( Personal Opinion ): İ don't want to live in China i prefer to live in America 🙂 .