How many popular myths are there about extinction of Dinosaurs?

There are lots of theories why Dinosaurs extinct from earth and it’s impossible to know the truth with our today technology. This truth is enabling lots of myths about extinction. Today most popular idea for extinction of dinosaurs is “The Cretaceous–Paleogene extinction”. Main event caused extinction in this theory is a meteor hit the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. It was Cretaceous period of the world 65 million years ago. Today lots of rock formations, rock samples and fossils are supporting this idea. But it’s not a scientific truth still. How many popular myths are there about extinction of Dinosaurs?

Most popular myth about extinction of dinosaurs is that all dinosaurs died in a moment. It’s hard to say that because according to “The Cretaceous–Paleogene extinction” theory, meteor hit and created a huge dust cloud which surrounded the sky in a long period. Dust started to kill vegetation first, then the herbivorous dinosaurs started to die when they couldn’t find vegetables and carnivorous dinosaurs died last because they couldn’t find any meat. Period was approximately 200.000 years. Last researches showed that some dinosaur types dead earlier than others because of reasons like being close to meteor area and hard to evolve for new situations. It’s possible to understand this from dinosaur fossils. Some fossils found too far from meteor area is newer than other fossils and some dinosaur fossils close to meteor area are very old and they burned.
Some scientists believe the exact opposite of this idea. According to them, meteor hit and unleashed a big energy which is close to thermonuclear bombs of millions. It heat all animals including dinosaurs and only some little creatures under water survived from this heat.

Other popular myth about extinction of dinosaurs is about their power on world before meteor hit and affect to their extinction. Last researches showed that before the extinction, dinosaurs were not the only one leader of the world. They lost their power day by day after mammals, birds and prehistoric amphibians finished their periodic evolvement and get strong. Also it’s possible to say that while dinosaurs are extinct, some creatures survived.
Also controversy about all dinosaurs extinct or not is a popular myth. There’s no proof that all dinosaurs extinct after event. It’s also a popular theory that some birds, penguins and similar animals evolved from feathered dinosaurs. It’s also popular that Loch Ness Monster is a type of dinosaur living in the lake. Some scientists believe that Loch Ness Monster is a type of Dinosaur called Plesiosauria.
Size myth is an important one in dinosaur extinction based discussions. It’s true that in the last period of dinosaurs, they became bigger than ever and Titanosaurs were over 20 tons. They need tons of vegetables every day. Meteor hit and created a big dust surrounded the sky. Vegetation started to die and dinasours extinct because of starvation.

Some scientists don’t believe to any part of “The Cretaceous–Paleogene extinction” theory. Their main theory is disease-spreading insects. It is true that on the last period of Dinosaurs, world was in a hunger and cold period. Dinosaurs were tired to find enough food. In this period, new mosquito types started to carry new types of bacteria. There are some findings about mosquitoes of period and new bacteria they carried to dinosaurs. It’s about millions of mosquitos attacked to dinosaurs.
There are millions of conspiracy theorists creates such myths. Some of them are theory based on scientific truths but there are also some conspiracies like aliens, time travel and more.

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