How many Jews are there in America?

Jews are both an ethnoreligious group and nation. Judaism is believed as the faith of their nation. Jewish people are deeply connected to their religion. They are mostly living in the State of Israel now and state accepts Judaism as a state religion. Jews are known with their migrations. Today there are lots of countries have higher Jew population then State of Israel. They believe that nation’s origin is coming from Israelites. In their history, they have faced lots of overtake of their country and they migrated lots of times. Jews are today mostly living in America. How many Jews are there in America?

Jews has three groups now. Main group is people born from Jewish family. There are some controversies but main belief is that he’s whether following religion or not he’s a Jewish. Other group is people who is not born from Jewish family but believe to Jewish religion. They are known as converted to Judaism. Last group is people only following Jewish rules.

Today, Jews are also grouping by the country they are living. There are lots of groups like Italian Jews, African Jews and more.

Hebrew is the main language of Jews. Also in history Jews spoke Aramaic, Yiddish and more. Jews mostly combined their language with the country’s language where they are living.

Last census showed us that over 5 million Jews are living in the United States. Also Jews are high on France, Canada and United Kingdom. It’s some controversies on numbers because it’s hard to determine a person is Jew or not.

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