How many effects of divorce are there on children?

It’s definite that all divorces affect children. But it’s not possible to say effects of all divorces are same for children. There are lots of factors for the level of affection on children. Age is the most important factor. Most of the children understand the divorce but he or she can’t understand the reason of it. Today it’s possible to find lots of strategies for parents to give least harm to children on divorce. But there are also lots of wrong common beliefs harms children. How many effects of divorce are there on children?

Experts divide the effects of divorce on children according to age category. Infants can’t understand the divorce and reason of it. But they can easily feel the changing attention level on them and changing energy level of parents. Most of the infants of divorced parents start to lose appetite. Sometimes loss of appetite may result in some diseases if infant doesn’t go to doctor. Also upset stomach starts and infant cries for all day. It can be chronic in a short period. Infant starts to be more anxious than ever and she tries to break everything she holds. Most important thing parents must do on this period is keeping the daily routine of infant as possible. Also some parents took away infant’s toys or pillow as a keepsake but it’s very dangerous.
Toddlers understand the divorce period but only a few of them can understand the reasons of divorce. She shows her reaction with panicking and crying when a parent goes out of sight. She feels anger and attacks everything but it’s easy to understand that she doesn’t know the reason of this aggressive feel. Some toddler starts to bite people and wait for parents get angry. If she feels the problem deep, she may return to behaviors of infant period like thumb sucking or diaper usage. A toddler needs child therapist if effects are more than standard. Spending time alone with child may help to recover problem. Some child therapists allow toddlers showing infant behaviors in limited time.

Only a few of preschoolers understand the definite meaning of divorce. It’s a period that all children perceive events from their perception window only. They mostly realize one parent is not active in house, he or she is sitting in a room of house or she went to somewhere and return back. Preschoolers will create lots of fantasies about events. Some are pleasant but most of preschoolers are tend to unpleasant fantasies. If she starts to understand the divorce in real life way, she will start to worry about divorce and feel responsible. She starts to talk about future and she’s always uncertain about it. Parents must encourage preschooler to talk about its fantasies, perception and ideas. She may notice the fact that reality is not what she thinks always when she talks. Parents must come together and say the child that she will be safe in future.
Most of early elementary period children understand the meaning of divorce and results of it. Also she understands that one of parents will go away and parents don’t love each other anymore. Most of children on this period know the truth but she doesn’t want to believe or realize it. She starts to cry at school that nobody will take her from there. Frequent urination starts on most of early elementary period children after divorce.

Preteen and adolescents of divorced parents understand the divorce but only a few of them accept it. She starts to behave on extreme conditions like best or worst behavior types. Most important thing is setting child “free” of divorce’s responsibility.

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