How many tips are there for energy saving at home?

Energy saving is a vital topic today all over the world. Planet’s resources are draining very quickly and now it’s not returning back at same quality. Also population of world is very close to 9 billion people now and resources are not enough. There’s no country that produces the energy it needs and every country today buying from other countries and energy is one of the most expensive things to buy from another countries. First attempts for energy saving in work and home started in 1950s and today all governments are working hard for it. It’s possible to say that sometimes a little change may make a big deal on energy saving. How many tips are there for energy saving at home?

Today, many countries are looking for ENERGY STAR qualified products for exporting. It’s important because ENERGY STAR is one of the world’s biggest and most successful organizations for qualifying products on energy consumption. Today it’s possible to see that products with ENERGY STAR label are 40% efficient than others. It’s true that there are lots of companies using the logo of ENERGY STAR without any agreement and ENERGY STAR is now producing a network to identify ENERGY STAR qualified products easily.
It’s true that standard room temperature is 25 but it’s also true that 24 is not colder that everybody feels easily. Turning heater down by one degree means high energy saving at home and at nature. According to Energy Saving Trust, Turning heater down by one degree means at least $65 saving in a year but it’s the minimum profit.

People think that electronic devices doesn’t use energy on standby but today most energy consuming things on the world are devices on standby. According to Energy Saving Trust’s 2008 report, it’s possible to save up to $37 from leaving electronic devices off.
Today there are low energy programs on washing machines and dishwashers. These programs were not efficient to clean all dirties in 90s but today they are efficient to clean everything when user obeys the rules of energy program directions. Also dirtiest dishes are perfect for low energy programs because such programs wash in long time but clean very well. Also running washing machines and dishwashers full is very important.

People like to buy larger pans and kettles. But they are only for big families and people with two or three members can buy smaller ones. Also using water only on required level is very important. Today there are some families buying smaller pans because larger pans mean higher energy to heat it and wait for more while cooking meal. Also replacing oven and kettles close to refrigerator means more energy for refrigerator. According to a research in England, if English people use only enough water in their kettle for one year, the energy they save may run all street lights free for one year.
Energy efficient light bulbs were expensive in 2000s and it was not wise to buy them. But today, new energy efficient light bulbs are very cheap and they are consuming 80% less electricity than older ones. Also they have a longer lifetime than older. According to Energy Saving Trust changing a light on home means $45 saving and changing 10 lights mean $450 in a small period.
If it’s possible to make bigger changes on home for saving energy, you can insulate your home with small steps. According to Energy Saving Trust, insulating a home means $275 save per year and replacing good radiator panels behind home radiators mean $60 saving per year.

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