How Many Countries are there in the Asia?

A close look to the Asia Continent

There are seven continents in the whole world and it can be said that the continent of Asia is one of the biggest continents in the world. The continent of Asia takes place on the east of the continent of Europe and the west of the Pacific Ocean and it is north of the Oceania and the south or the Arctic Ocean.



The continent is the part of the old earth and it nearly covers 44 391 163 km²’ and with that square measure it is the biggest continent in the world. At the same time with the 1010 m altitude from the earth it is the highest continent in the world. In there being the most popular mountains, Himalaya Mountains, are available and the continent of Asia takes its altitude from that mountains. When we look at the length of the Asia it is 8490 km length between its south and north. On the north of the continent of the Asia Russia takes place and on the south of the continent the Malakka peninsula takes place. When we look at the private position of the continent we see that there is Arctic Ocean on the north and on the northeast of the continent it is divided by Bering Bosporus from the United States of America. Because of the length of the continent there are lots of counties in the Asia and now let’s look at the countries in the Asia.



The Number of Countries that are takes place in the continent of Asia.

In the Asia continent there are 48 countries and these countries are that countries:

1. Russia

2. Mongolia

3. China

4. India

5. Sri Lanka

6. Maldives

7. Nepal

8. Bhutan

9. Bangladesh

10. Myanmar

11. Thailand

12. Laos

13. Vietnam

14. Cambodia

15. Indonesia

16. Malaysia

17. Timor Leste

18. Brunei

19. Singapore

20. Taiwan

21. Philippines

22. Japan

23. North Korea

24. South Korea

25. Pakistan

26. Afghanistan

27. Tajikistan

28. Kyrgyzstan

29. Kazakhstan

30. Uzbekistan

31. Turkmenistan

32. Georgia

33. Armenia

34. Azerbaijan

35. Iran

36. Iraq

37. Syria

38. Lebanon

39. Jordan

40. Israel

41. Saudi Arabia

42. Yemen

43. Oman

44. UAE (United Arab Emirates)

45. Qatar

46. Bahrain

47. Kuwait

48. Turkey

And these countries are very important from the point of the development of the continent and especially in the trades of the continent each country must be take their place in the world market. It can be said that the biggest country in the continent of the Asia is Russia and from the point of trade, square, military and other things Russia is very effective and from the history it is the most powerful country in the continent and with the help of the its power along the whole world again in the future the Russia will be the most powerful country in the world again and by doing this Russia is supporting other neighbor countries.



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