How Many People are visiting the website of YouTube each month?

With the high development of the technology almost in all parts of our lives there are lots of different changes and these changes affect our lives too much extend from the point of positive ways. On this point it can be said that one of the most important of these changes is the internet in our lives. Up to the almost ten years ago people haven’t using the internet but on the other hand when we look at our modern day it can be said that internet is indispensable in or lives. images


In our works in our schools and even in our homes it is so widespread and lots of people are using the internet for lots of the aims. These aims are like entertainment, communication, work and there are lots of different positive ways of the using of the internet, but people have to be careful when they are using the internet because there are lots of negative effects of the internet especially to the children. If the internet are not used in a good way, it can be very dangerous for the people because of this fact everybody must be careful when they are using it. On the internet there are lots of different popular websites. Some of them for the communication and some others are for the entertainment. When we think about the websites that are for the entertainment of the people we can see lots of them. Maybe one of the most popular of them is YouTube. YouTube is a website that support people to share their videos and watch those videos. It can be said that YouTube is the most popular video watching and sharing website in the whole world. Now, if you want let’s look at the history and statistics of the website of YouTube.



The History and the Statistics of the YouTube


When we look at the history of the website we can see that the website of YouTube is established in the year of 15 February 2005 and the people who establish that site are the old owners of PayPal and in the date of October 2006 the company of Google buys it. From the establishment of the website people have been watching and sharing lots of videos and this website is the first website as a video sharing and watching as an entertainment site. When we look the most viewed video up to now in YouTube, we can see that “PSY Gangnam Style” is the most popular video up to now. Approximately, up to one billion people watch it. When we look at the statistics of the YouTube we can see that each month more than 1 billion people are visiting the YouTube another thing is that over 6 billion hours of video are watched each month on YouTube. 100 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute and as soon as they are uploaded people can watch them without waiting. When we look at the popularity of the website of YouTube we can say that in future lots of people will be member of that website.

Psy doing Gangnam Style

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