How many Gladiator classes are there?

Gladiators were a kind of entertainers in Roman Empire. They were fighting with other gladiators and wild animals. Some gladiators were volunteers but lots of them were coming from Gladiator schools. It’s believed that Gladiator wars were started after games in Punic Wars. Gladiators were mainly male but there were also female gladiators. They were mostly coming from Africa. Also emperors fought as gladiators. Emperors like Didius Julianus and Hadrian fought in arenas. For example Claudius is known with fighting with a whale in acquarium. There were different classes of Gladiators. How many Gladiator classes are there?


There were 28 types of gladiators in Roman Empire. Some of them were master on fighting against gladiators and some of them were fighting to animals.

Cestus was a fist fighter. It’s believed that today’s box sport’s origin is coming from Cestus. They were very strong that they were possible to kill a person with a fist.

Dimachaerus was gladiator with two swords He was a popular in public and it’s today possible to see lots of mozaiques from Dimachaerus.

Rudiarus was using a wooden sword only. They were also very popular in public because they were not for fatal shows but they are very skilled and a Rudiarus show was always a good one.

Scissor were using a long shield and two swords on the scissor style. They were trying to catch their opponents by using blades as scissor. They were lost after fall of Roman Empire.

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