How many people are obese in USA?

Obesity is the biggest health problem of America. Governments and health organizations are trying to solve this problem and reduce the numbers of obese but rates are rising faster than ever. How many people are obese in USA?

Obesity rate in 1997 was 19.4% of total population in USA.  Government warned about it’s the alarm level for problem. But against all precautions in 2004 obesity is raised to 24.5%, in 2007 it was 26.6%. The last rate in 2010 showed 35.7% of American adults have problem with obesity.

Problems’ other edge is children. Last rate showed that 17% of all American children are obese. Obesity is starting in first years of life.  Today American children’s first facing moment with obesity is 6 years old.

Biggest problematic state of America is Mississippi about obesity. Slim afro’s city now has 34.4% of obese adults. 67.4% of Mississippi is also in the edge of obesity. They are calling as overweight adults.  Also 17.8% of children in Mississippi are obese. Other states have also a growing obesity problem.

There are lots of anti-obesity efforts in the country. First Lady Michelle Obama is leading an organization called “Let’s Move”. Also there are some lessons on the schools like nutrition education.

Also banning high calorie drinks in schools are also is possible. Especially in elementary schools, middle and high schools high calorie drinks are banned.

Every year over 400,000 people are dying of obesity in America. Health problems are also costing the country over 117 billion dollars every year.


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