How Many Photographic Equipment Makers Are There In the World?

The History of Photography

The History of Photography

In our modern world almost everybody use photographs in their lives in order to keep their memoirs to remember even if many years later.  People are taking photographs continuously but do they think about photography’s history or who invent the photograph or where do the art of photograph come from? In this work we are going to look into the art of photography, where the word photography come from, who is the inventor of photography and how many photographic equipment makers are there in the world? First of all, the word of photography comes from the Greek basic of the two word “photo” and “graph” when we look at the meaning of the these two words we see that the first one “photo” means light and the second one “graph” means write, and we can say that the word photography means “Writing with Light” Through the history, people have been using the light and we can base the first photograph to the years of 1800’s. The first photograph’s name is “a view from the window of Le Gras”, this photograph exposure 8 hours and as we know the photograph is white and black.


. From that time to the modern world, the photograph equipments have been increasing and being widespread through all over the world. For instance; in the year of 1852 a photographer whose name is George Eastman produced a photograph machine that can pose 10 times and its name was KODAK. In this way photographers started to move and travel in an easy way. In the year of 1870 that cameras developed much more when it is thought from the point of old cameras. In the centuries of 19 and 20 different astigmatic lenses’ films were used and these films were cellulosic.


Modern Photographic Equipment Makers in Our Modern Era


With the development of the technology, as in each field, in the field of photography there are great progress. There are lots of photograph equipment producers in 21.Century, when we look at the researches that are made we can say that the number of photograph equipment producers is 88. All of them are producing not only modern cameras but also extra equipments for photographers. The number of those producers will be increasing in the future because of the need. When we look at the most popular camera producers we can see on this list that Leica,Nikon,Canon and Sigma. They are the most popular brands especially in last 100 years. Photographs are no longer in our lives and we can say that it is a necessity for people. While photograph equipment producers are increasing and developing themselves as the days goes on, the possibilities in order to take photographs are growing up with the help of the smart phones and other developments in technology such as tablet computers. In those days almost everybody have tablet computers or smart phones and because of this it is very easy to take photograph.


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