How many Pulitzer Prize categories are there?

Pulitzer Price is an important award in America giving for news, online journalism, musical compositions and literature. It started by publisher Joseph Pulitzer in 1917 so now awards are known as Pulitzer Awards. In years lots of categories removed from awards and lots of added. How many Pulitzer Prize categories are there?

There are now 14 categories for Pulitzer Award. Especially Feature Writing and Investigative Reporting are important awards of Pulitzer.

Public Service is known also as great prize. Public Service prize is giving to newspapers about their praising public services with cartoons, photos or etc.

Breaking News Reporting is the award of important last minutes or agenda changers. In 2012 the winner was The New York Times with prostitution scandal coverage of Gov. Eliot Spitzer.

Investigative Reporting award is one of the most prestigious Pulitzer Awards of all. In 2009 The New York Times was the winner with the reporting of retired generals’ role in Iraq War.

Feature Writing award is giving for feature writing especially in literature. Newark Star-Ledger’s Amy Ellis Nutt was the 2011 winner with sinking fishing boat on Atlantic Ocean news.

Criticism award is mostly giving to columnists. Pulitzer community gave the last award to Boston Globe’s Sebastian Smee for his criticism on art and love.

Editorial Cartooning award is giving mostly by originality. Breaking News Photography is giving for photos in black and white color. Feature Photography is giving for black and white but also color photos.

There are also letters and drama categories as Fiction, Drama, History, Biography or Autobiography, General Non-Fiction. Also there is Pulitzer Prize for Music award.

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