How many types of tigers are there?

Tigers are the biggest animals on the cat category. Their body can reach to 3.3 meters at the adult period. They mostly live over 30 years but in zoos their lifetime is close to 25. Their living area is very close to human so there are always problem for tigers and human. Tigers have now few species in the world and they lost their most species on the last century. There were tiger species from Turkey to Eastern Asia but today it’s only possible to find them on Africa mostly. It’s known that tiger population is under 4.000 now in the world. How many types of tigers are there?

There are 9 known Tiger species on the world. 3 of them have extinct on last century. It’s believed that tiger’s origins are from Bangladesh area. Their main population decrease and extinct reason in Asia is that tiger’s some parts are using in a medical preparation in this area.

The Bengal tiger is the most popular tiger species on the world. They are living in a large area from India to Bhutan. It’s known that Bengal Tiger’s population is under 2.500 now. There are 11 protected areas in Asia for the Bengal Tiger.

The Indochinese Tiger is another popular type. This species mostly live in China. Their main reason for population decrease is using for Chinese pharmacy.

There are also species of tigers like The Malayan Tiger, The Sumatran Tiger, The Siberian Tiger and The South China tiger. The Bali tiger, The Caspian tiger and The Javan tiger extinct.

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