How many ex-girlfriends Eminem has?

Eminem is the biggest white rapper in history. His albums sold over 100 million worldwide and lots of music magazines marked him as one of the greatest artist of all time. Eminem became famous with her marriages and girlfriends. Marriages and divorces to Kimberley Anne Scott was one of the top news on magazines for months. Eminem is claimed to show violence in his relationships but he never accepted this. His marriages finished cause of Eminem’s drug driving and some other problems. How many ex-girlfriends Eminem has?


Kimberley Anne Scott is the biggest love of Eminem. They met in high school. After Anne Scott and her sister run away from home in 1989, they lived in Eminem’s house for a long period. Their love continued for ten years and then they married in 1999. But a short period after the marriage, they started to quarrel and Eminem’s drunk driving was the last event to finish their marriage. They divorced on 2001. After 5 years they remarried on 2006. But problems were still standing on. They divorced in same year and decided to share their daughter’s custody. Eminem wrote lots of songs about her daughter Hailie Jade Mathers like “My Dad’s Gone Crazy”, “Hailie’s Song” and “Mockingbird”.
After became famous, Eminem liked to be with celebrities. But his girlfriends rarely accept their relationship with Eminem.
Magazines wrote Eminem with various names from Hollywood in the first years of 2000s. One of them was Beyoncé Knowles. Beyoncé than denied this relationship and The U.K. Mirror reported that they only met on a party. Also names like Britney Spears and Tara Reid was written at this period.
He also dated with porn star Brittany Andrews. Eminem always liked porn stars and they always took role on his videos. Relationship continued for 6 months.

Eminem dated Brittany Murphy on 2002. Murphy starred on Eminem’s movie “8 Mile”. There were lots of rumors about their relationship on movie set. In an interview, Murphy accepted that they lived some moments together but it was not a love game or date.
After Murphy, Eminem dated with other porn star Gina Lynn. She has firstly seen on Eminem’s “Superman” music video. Then magazines wrote that Eminem and Lynn are dating. But no photo is available about their dating.
After Lynn, Eminem hasn’t seen on dating someone for years. He was having some drug problems and his music career was higher than ever.
Eminem started dating again on 2007. He dated with studio owner Marni Bright. Magazines saw their romantic moments in Michigan recording studio. Marni Bright never accepted this relationship.
In 2008, Eminem is written for dating Tracy McNew. After rumors, Eminem’s spokesman announced that she’s a crew member of Eminem’s team. But there were lots of people saw them in romantic moments.

Eminem has also a controversial relationship with Mariah Carey. Carey never accepted this relationship but lots of magazines wrote about it. Also Eminem claimed that they dated for six months. Some magazines wrote they dated for 5 years. Eminem wrote lots of songs for Mariah Carey. After various songs were referred to Carey like “When the Music Stops”, “Jimmy Crack Corn” and “Superman”, Carey accepted their relationship but said they never made anything sexual. When “Superman” song released in 2003, Carey released a song named “Clown” and they had similar references.

Also Eminem wrote the “”Bagpipes From Baghdad” song on “Relapse” album. It was the biggest reference to Carey. Song made a big effect, Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey came close to split up. Then Eminem said that Cannon and Carey misunderstood the lyrics. Also Carey wrote a song “Obsessed” for Eminem.

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