How Many Alphabets Are There in Today ?

The Development of Alphabets


From the beginning of the humanity, in order to make communication between each other people have been using lots of ways. In old times people used pictures in order to express their emotions, they wrote picures to cave walls and made communication between each other and they used mimics and there were lots of way of communication in people’s history. When we think about the history of communication, we see that maybe the script is the most important and the most common element of the communciation. Script is a system for  people in order to make communication between each other and the script is correspond to the language. Lets look at the invention and history of the script. First script was seen around 3000 B.C in the two different regions of the World. These regions were in Egypt and Iraq. After the beginning of the finding of the script, it started to develop and became widespread to the whole world, and in our modern world script may be the most used communication way, we can say. On the other hand, when we think from the point of the root of the alphabet, we can say that there is not any concrete evidence why and how people decide to use alphabet. But we can say that the first alphabets in world history are cuneiform script, hieroglyphics, Lineer A and Lineer B. And then the alphabets started to spread and lots of communities produced alphabets for themselves.

Modern Day Alphabets that Are In Use


We can define alphabets as sets of letters and they are always arranged in fixed other they represent one phonemes, these phonemes are can be both constants and vowels in the language which they are used to write. In modern world there are 18 alpabets that are used. These alphabets are Armenian,Bassa, Coorgi-Cox, Cyrillic, Fraser, Georgian (as known Mikhedruli), Greek, Kayah Li, Korean (hangŭl), Latin/Roman, Mongolian, N’Ko, Ol Cemet’/Ol Chiki (Santali), Oirat Clear Script, Pollard script, Tai Dam, Thaana and Tifinagh. Those alphabets are used in our modern era throught all over the world by the communities.

What Is The Most Popular Alphabet That Are Used in World Today ?


In our modern world as we said before, there are 18 alphabets. People are using them to much extend but our main question is what is the most popular alphabet that are used in world today ? The answer of the question is “Latin Alphabet” (it is known as Roman Alphabet) Latin Alphabet are used in the countries of North America, South America, Europe, Africa, some parts of the Asia, India and Australia. There are 23 letters in Latin Alphabet. When we look at the roots of the Latin Alphabet, we can say that it gets its basics from the old Roma which is now Italia and it spreads from there to the whole world. Latin Alphabet’s spreading to much extend to the world can be connected to the success of the Roman Empire. Because of this, today it is the most used alphabet in the world.


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