How many species of rose are there?

Rose is a famous flower from the Rosaceae family. Every continent has its own rose. Flower is known as too fragile to grow but strong after grow. Today most popular rose type is small and colorful but there are also wild roses going over 7 meters. Today it’s possible to grow domestic roses on gardens and indoor. Rose has medical usage but it’s not in a large range now. Rose’s first cultivations go to 500 BC. First cultivations were from China and Persia. First roses cultivated in England then planted to Abney Park Cemetery and it became Victorian period’s symbol in a short period. How many species of rose are there?

It’s today reported that Rose has over 100 species all over the world. There are four subgenera of genus Rosa. They are Hulthemia, Hesperrhodos, Platyrhodon and Rosa. Also Rosa family has 11 species.

Banksianae is one of the main types we see on flower stores. Its colors are white and yellow and this species origin is coming from China.

Caninae is another popular rose type mostly possible in Europe. Its colors are white and pink. Also it’s possible to find it on North Africa and Asia.

Laevigatae is the full white type of rose. It’s origins are from China but today it’s possible to see its cultivation all over the world.

There are also types as Synstylae, Pimpinellifoliae, Gymnocarpae, Gallicanae, Chinensis and Carolinae. Carolinae is also popular with its bright pink color.

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