How Many Million Euros The Greece Earn from the Exportation from the Turkey in Each Year?

Do you have any knowledge about the different countries’ business fields and are you interested in the different ideas in order to develop a country’s field of business? How the business in the different countries differs from each other and what does determine the business of the countries? The countries of Greece and Turkey are the two countries that are neighbor to each other and in the business stage they are trying to develop themselves and they are heading for the several practices in order to realize their goal.


Turkey and Greece are the neighbor countries and when it is thought from the point of the geographical way, their borders are close to each other and because of their geographies are close to each other lots of the different features of both countries are similar to each other such as the climate, plants and the sources of the incomes. It is strongly believed that in the near future both countries will develop themselves too much extend. When it is thought about the business of both countries, there are lots of common features of them from that point. First of all, it should be noted that lots of the labor resources of both countries are almost the same. In accordance with the researches that are done currently, in both countries the incomes because of the produce has very significant role. On the one hand, we can see that there are some local agricultural products that are planted in both countries such as olive, tobacco, cotton, cereals and citrus. Both countries are getting incomes from those agricultural products and it is a crucial fact that each year both countries are exporting those products to the different countries from the different regions of the world and both countries have earnings in a significant rate. On the other hand, the role of the tourism in both countries is incontestable and at this point in a year, especially in the seasons of the summer, both countries are putting high incomes on their governments’ treasure. In the climate and geographical formations of the west of the Turkey and the Greece are almost same and these regions are very significant from the point of tourism, all by itself the islands of the Greece have very important role in the development of the tourism in Greece on the other hand in Turkey there are very gorgeous cities for the tourism like mainly Istanbul, Izmir, Antalya, Trabzon, Denizli and lots of others. In accordance with the United Nations World Tourism the Greece is the 16st country in the world that is at the point of the tourism and the Turkey is the 6th county. With aforementioned reasons, it is possible to say that there are lots of common features of Turkey and Greece from the point of the business.


On the other hand, when it is thought the contrasts of the business fields of the Turkey and Greece, there are again lots of the several differences. First of all, there are much more people in Turkey than Greece who are influential not only from the point of the brain force but also from labor force, and for the Turkey it is quite easy to find the people who work in the different branches of the industries or other labors because of this both countries are different from each other. Each year the country of Greece are getting approximately 1.171 million Euros from the Turkey via exportation and when we look at the situation of the Turkey the situation is almost the same. According to the current population census the population of the Greece is approximately 11.000.000 and the Turkey’s is 70.000.000. When it is analyzed the underground resources of the both countries, there is a huge gap between both countries at that point. From the point of the underground resources Turkey is determined as the 10th country in the world in accordance with the decision of the International Miners Conference and the place of the Greece is up to the 30th. In brief we can say that there are lots of differences of both countries at the point of the business.


When everything is taken into account, there are lots of similar and different features of Turkey and Greece from the field of the business and both countries are trying to develop their area of the business and correspondingly to this situation they want to develop their economies, as a result they can talk big in the business field in the world.


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