How Many People Are Playing The Game of Candy Crush Saga today all around the whole world?

 In last ten years thanks to the rapid development of the technology almost all fields in the world, the tablet computers are very popular. By using these type of computers people can do whatever they want and it can be easily said that it is possible with these computers to make almost all of the things that can be done with normal personal computers and on this point they are much more usable for the people because of the portability of them and easy use of them.


Especially the people who are working in long hours and people who are busy with their lots of works and can not use their personal computers are using these type of computers in order to get much more time for their works. As we said before we can do lots of works by using these types of computers and another feature of this types of computers are the playing games like in personal computers. Playing games in this types of computers are so popular all around the whole world that there are lots of people who are buying these types of computers in order to just playing the games and in the market it is possible to see hundred of different games for the tablet computers. Especially in last years they are very popular and the people who are from the different regions of the world are playing these games and there are some games that make people addicted to itself. On this point today we are going to make an analysis about the game of Candy Crush Saga.

candy-crush-saga-time-round (1)


The Game of Candy Crush Saga


In the whole world people are playing this game and it is not false that the game makes people addicted to itself. In the game people are changing the places of the candies that are in the different colors and at the end by doing the missions they are passing the parts of the game and in the game there are approximately 500 levels and in order to finish the levels people are trying to pass all the levels in a fast way. As we said before the game is very popular all around the whole world and in accordance with the researches that are done currently, in the world from the point of the view of December 2012 Candy Crush Saga has up to ten million downloads all around the whole world and most probably it seems that today there are millions of new people who start to play the game and again in the future there will be new people who will be addicted to the game. The producer of the game is earning lots of money by using the advertisements within the game and on the game if a player wants to pass the levels in a fast way they can get credits and by using these credits they can get new items that make the player to pass the levels in a short way.



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