How Many Bridges are there in New York City?

The History of New York City.

New York city is the biggest cities in the United States of America and it is one of the most crowded cities in the world, every year it has been developing and spreading to its neighbor and lots of people from the different parts of the world are coming to New York in order to find a good job to keep their lives continue. new york


. New York is the city of metropolitan neighbor. On the other hand it is called also as The City of New York. There are lots of contributions to fashion, trade, art, literature, picture, education, entertainment, media and research and because of this the city is be called as a global city. The center of United Nations is on the New York City and it is said that New York City is the cultural capital of the World. New York City is an immigrant city and there are about 170 different languages that are spoken in the city and from this point it can be said that there are lots of different people from the different parts of the city who are living in there. When we look at the history of New York we see that the city is founded by Netherland’s people in the year of 1615 and when it is founded its name is New Amsterdam then the city is got by United Kingdom and its name is changed as a New York its modern day now. For 2 years, New York City is the capital of the United States of America and when the capital is transferred to Washington its importance is being spread and now when we look at the modern New York it is again the most important city in the World. newyorkcity2


The Structures in New York City

When we look at the buildings of the New York City we can see hundreds of historic buildings in New York. For example; it can be said that maybe the most important historic structure in New York City is the Statue of Liberty and again it can be said that it is the symbol of New York City. On the other hand, there are lots of bridges in New York City. According to the last research there are at least 16 bridges in New York today and these bridges are connecting the island to the city with each other and hundreds of people are using these bridges every day. We can count the bridges’ names in such a way: The George Washington Bridge, The Triborough Bridge, The Queensboro Bridge, The Williamsburgh Bridge, The Manhattan Bridge, The Brooklyn Bridge, The Willis Avenue Bridge, The Third Avenue Bridge, The Madison Avenue Bridge, The 145th Street Bridge, The Macombs Dam Bridge, The Washington Bridge, The Cross Bronx Expressway Overpass, The University Heights 207th Street Bridge, The Broadway Bridge, and The Henry Hudson Bridge. It can be said that these are all historical and they are taking the tourists’ attendance

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