How many movies Will Smith has?

Will Smith is one of the most popular actors nowadays. He started his career on DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince group. His nickname was The Fresh Prince. He became famous in a short period with his humorous lyrics and took his first Grammy on 1988. He started his movie life on “Six Degrees of Separation” movie. Movie made a good impact especially in gross. He chose Wild Wild West movie instead of being Neo in Matrix. But movie didn’t make the effect like Matrix. Viewers have seen on various roles in his life. How many movies Will Smith has?

He has seen on 31 movies since today. His first important movie was “Six Degrees of Separation”. Will Smith took good critics by this role.

Authorities accepted him as an important Hollywood star with his role in “Bad Boys”. Movie was so successful “Bad Boys 2” is also directed.

Will Smith was advancing in career steps and Men in Black was a real milestone in his actor life. Movie was a sci-fi action and Smith’s humorous style and funny face added a great impact to all.

Then he has seen in important role in movies Ali, Men in Black II and Bad Boys II. I, Robot opened him the doors of new sci-fis. He has seen on I Am Legend and Men in Black III.

He also played on romantic comedies like The Pursuit of Happyness and Hitch. Especially his fans liked the harmony between Eva Mendes  and Will Smith in Hitch.

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