How Many Computer System Manufacturers in the World?

What is Personal Computer?

First of all it we can look at the definition of personal computer is it will be better from the point of whole subject.  Personal Computer is a type of computer that people can use on by own without any help of any expert or any extra operator. It is designed for only personal using and because of this they are such a very practical devices that they are helping people’s personal studies to much extend. computer460

When we think of our modern world, the personal computers are available almost all of the world’s regions. Especially, with the development of technology in most of the fields in the world, the technology in the field of computer has developed to much extend particularly in last 40 years. Now let’s look at the brief history of modern personal computers. In the year of 1941 a German inventor Konrad Zuse invented a personal, automatic, and programmable machine, so in this point we can say that Zuse is the inventor of our modern day personal computers’ father. If he hadn’t worked on such a great invention maybe it would be worse and it would be a bit harder to find lots of possibilities for people from the point of personal computer using. In the year of 1965, a computer program was released and its name was The Programma 101, we can count this software as a first commercial “desktop computer” when we look at the modern day this program is used for calculators. In this point we can say that the technology in the field of computer industry has been developing so much that there are great gap between the years of 1965 and 2013.



After some years later in the year of 1973 IBM designed a new personal computer model and its name was SCAMP it stands for Special Computer APL Machine Software, even in this development it can be seen the big difference between former and later models. After that time the hardware and software market have been increasing too much. When we come the years of 2000 it is no longer Millennium and thereare lots of developments in technology and in this point there are lots of developments in Personal Computers. Personal Computers are no longer in workplaces and houses. People can do their works by using their personal computers in an easy way. Even children can play games by using the personal computers that are available in their homes. From now on, the industry of computers seems to develop too much in next years and it will come to such an extreme case that we won’t believe the rapid developments in future.

 The Number of Computer System Manufacturers in the world.

Thanks to these developments in the field of computer as a result the industry in this field also developed to much extend. In last years the number of computer manufacturers has increased too much. According to the researches today in world, there are about 100 manufacturers. The biggest manufacturers are Microsoft, Apple, Dell, Samsung and Sony. These are the most preferred ones and in future this number will be increased too much and there will be lots of possibilities with personal computers.


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