How Many Bicycle Brands are there in the world?

A short history of bicycle

People in history in order to be relaxed and in order to find alternative ways for entertaining and action find lots of activities that make their lives more active and livelier. On this point people find the sport activities in order to make their lives colorful. After some time people start to prepare tournaments about these sport activities. 6a00d83451c56869e200e54f32906c8834-640wi


. When we look at the modern day of our world we can see lots of tournaments along the world. They are so widespread that almost in every year people are organizing world cup tournaments. These tournaments and sport activities are not only for people’s entertainment but also we can say peace. If people are good interaction with each other we can say that the wars in the world are much more impossible and because of this it can be another reason of why people organize world tournaments. There are lots of sports that people organize. One of the most important and popular sport along these sports is bicycle. It is so widespread along the world that you can see people who are driving bicycle in order to travel or sport. From the long years the using bicycle has been spreading to much extend that we can say that in future the number of people who are using driving bicycle in their daily lives will be increased to much extend. There are lots of types of bicycles such as mountain bike, road bike, BMX, city bike and there are lots that we can’t count. There is no exact agreement of ideas between the histories about the history of bicycle but they say that it is the invention of not one person but more than a person and as the time goes on like all developments in history the bicycle industry is also developed to much extend. With the rapid development of the technology, as in all fields, in the field of bicycle there are lots of innovations that make people’s lives easier. For example; the bicycles with speed are produced and people who are using these bicycles don’t use much more power they can go wherever they want with using less body power and these type of bicycles are preferred to much extend when we think about our modern world.



The Number of Bicycle Brands in the World Today.

With the rapid development of industries the bicycle companies also developed too much. In today’s world there are lots of companies that produce bicycle. When we look at the researches that are made we see that there are 367 bicycle brands in the world today. These companies are producing lots of different types of bicycles and with the help of the technology it is very easy to produce bikes with factories. In the world traffic jam is maybe the most important problem and in order to solve this problem the producers are producing bicycles and the people are using them.


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