How many popular tips are there for e-mail security?

E-mail is the fastest way of posting style communication. First modern e-mail is sent in 1971 by ARPANET. First e-mail systems need the sender and recipient online at the same time. With 90s, E-mail Company’s changed their e-mail system to hosting style and there was no need to be online for both. E-mails were keeping on a host and user was looking to this e-mail by entering her password. After 2000s, popularity of e-mail software is increased and a mail transfer protocol “Simple Mail Transfer Protocol” is set. Popularity of e-mail system is also used for spam ad mails and viruses. In the first half of 2000s, millions of viruses are spread fast by mails. Also e-mail fraud started. Companies like banks opened internet services and used e-mails for sending passwords and security notes to customers. But scammers started to hack the mails and transferred money in the bank account to their accounts. So e-mail security became one of the most important topics in the world. How many popular tips are there for e-mail security?

Today e-mail service is the heart of internet. Security information about renewals, password reminders and all registrations are sending to personal e-mail. When an e-mail address is hacked, it means nearly all personal security is hacking.
First step for e-mail security is definitely password. Today millions of people are using a simple password for their mails like birth date, number of children or marriage date. Also they are writing an easy question to password reminder and preparing a good environment for password hackers. Today mail servers are using a password strength test before being a member but most of the people are using an e-mail with at least 5 year history. Also writing the password to a word document on computer’s desktop and leave it without protection is a way of password stealing.

E-mail servers want a secondary e-mail address for any problem. You can send your password to your secondary e-mail easily. But it’s a general problem that mail servers can’t control reality of second e-mail and most of people write imaginary e-mail addresses for passing steps fast. Also it’s possible to see that thousands of people use strong passwords for primary mail but 1234 for secondary mail.
Technology is developing and today every person from child to old have a mobile phone. Mail servers started to add mobile phones to security levels. But it’s a real expense for mail servers so you need to open the service manually. Mobile security service means disable to take password reminders from mails and only use mobile phones for it. Yahoo and Google’s mail systems are supporting these mobile alerts for free. Hotmail has a similar service but only supporting limited countries.
Public Wi-Fi points are one of the most password stealing points ever. Everyone is happy when she finds free Wi-Fi but many Wi-Fi points today is using for password stealing.

Regularly login is also important for e-mail security. When a hacker found your password reminder answer, he must wait 24 hours to enter e-mail but you can enter e-mail with your password and it will stop the reminder sending process.
If you need to use e-mail in public Wi-Fi, try to use Gmail. In Gmail account, it’s possible to activate HTTPS service so it will be impossible to sniff e-mail account by hackers.

Hotmail is offering “Trusted PC” feature for e-mail security. Whether your password is stolen, you can enter your mail from “Trusted PC” easily. “Trusted PC” service is free and very easy to use for all users.

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