How many new features of 2013 Ford Explorer Sport are there?

With 2013 Ford Explorer Sport, Ford is enlarging its market share in the family trucksters category. With features like a three-row crossover, Ford is adding something new to category like it made with Taurus SHO sedan. Features like Flex EcoBoost is a good combination of 60s feel and 2000s technological development era. It’s for families who search the comfort in sporty big cars and 2013 Ford Explorer Sport is offering a balanced work on it. It can also be used for companies especially who need seven-passenger VIP crossovers for shopping malls or fairs. With this feature, it’s also forcing the throne of Dodge Durango R/T. How many new features of 2013 Ford Explorer Sport are there?

Ford was not going into twin-turbocharged 3.5-liter V-6 engine class before 2013 Ford Explorer Sport and it’s a surprise for car lovers. Also companies worked hard for making the car an up level of sport cars of its class and added additional chassis bracing, quicker steering, quicker steering and stiffer springs to new model. Car is coming with standard 20-inch tires but experts are offering to change the tires to new models like Hankook Optima 255/50 all-seasons because standard tires are a complete summer tires. Ford also added standard all-wheel drive and six-speed automatic to car which is becoming category standard in recent years. Body of car is designed well with black-painted grille and darkly tinted headlights but each part of design is reminding Taurus SHO. Especially black-painted inserts in aluminum wheels are like Taurus SHO totally.

It’s hard to say Ford caught its rivals in the wheel technology still. Especially 2013 Ford Explorer Sport is behind its rivals for the wheel technology and performance. According to some testers, it’s even behind the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 challenge. Car is not making any problem behind wheel but it’s also not offering a joy for driving the 2013 Explorer Sport. Most of the buyers wait a hot crossover but it’s a milder one.
It’s very normal that people will compare the Ford Explorer Sport 2013 with Flex EcoBoost. It’s not true to compare them in all equipment but it’s possible to say that 2013 Ford Explorer Sport is carrying all good features of it like quiet cabin, roominess and comfortable ride. It’s not a surprise that a small class of children can fit into it easily. According to catalogue, 2013 Ford Explorer Sport is available up to 5000 pounds but cargo must be equipped properly.
According to first tests, 2013 Ford Explorer Sport runs 0-60 mph in 5.9. Also tests show that claw level of car is good when compared to Taurus SHO or Grand Cherokee SRT8. But it’s mostly a city car offering conform first then power. But when it’s compared in a race, Dodge is very slow with running 0-60 mph in 7.4 and Ford Explorer Sport can leave it behind.
It’s a well-equipped Ford car compared to other Ford cars in similar series because most of the complaints on Ford cars come from this title. Power front seats, backup camera and MyFord Touch infotainment system are standard for this car. Ford also offers an expansion pack with navigation, pushbutton start, Ford’s rear-seatbelt airbags and blind-spot monitoring but it’s too expensive for such a car with $4130. Also there’s a towing package option which is offering Class III hitch and $570 is normal for such option.
$41,545 base price is not so high but not so low when it’s time to decide buying a new car on this category without additional options.

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