How Many People Are There On Antarctica Continent?

How Many People Are There On Antarctica Continent?


Antarctica is the continent which has the lowest population in the world. And as you can guess the continents has the lowest population density as well. The amount of the people living in this continent is less than any city in developed countries. If you wonder the approximate number of the people living on the continent, then keep reading the article! But before we provide you the answer, let us share some of the interesting facts about this continent and its habitat. Needless to say, this continent is the coldest continent in the world.


The highest temperature recorded on this continent was 17.5 degrees. And this temperature could only stay for few hours. If it would continue for few days, probably most of the cities would be under the water. The continent has its own fame as being the largest and coldest desert in the world. Although this continent is cold as ice (even colder than it), there is a volcano in there. However, this volcano is located under the water and it is still active. Thus, it helps the sea habitat to be a good place for new species in the world.


The temperature can reach to -93.2 degrees in here. Of course, this is the temperature of the coldest area on this continent. It is accepted as the coldest area in the world as well. There are about 300 lakes under the ice and snow. These lakes do not freeze thanks to the temperature spread from the core of our world. The only place that reptiles do not live on this continent again. In addition to this, there are no polar bears in here as well. Polar bears evolved from the brown bears and they started to migrate to icy areas. Although the population density is low the continent has seven different churches.


There is a waterfall in Antarctica. However, the water in this waterfall is not transparent or blue but red! This is why it is called the bloody waterfall. However, no blood is running down from this waterfall. There is the iron oxide which comes from one of the volcanoes and when this mixes with the water, it turns the water to red. A scientist met with a woman who was forty-five minutes away from him. The interesting thing is they met on Tinder. This was the proof that this matchmaking application can do wonders in any part of the world. Almost seventy percent of the clean water resources of our planet is located in Antarctica as well.


Now let’s talk about the answer to our question. There are only 1100 people living in Antarctica. However, this number can reach up to 4400 in certain periods thanks to the visits of scientists. As you can see the amount of the people visiting the continent due to scientific purposes is still much more than the locals of the continent. In case you want to visit this continent then you should hire a special plane but keep in mind that it is not possible to land Antarctica on every season.

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