How many genres of Anime are there?

Anime is the Japanese abbreviation of English animation word. In Japan, Anime word doesn’t include all the animation videos but it’s the main name of them. First anime drawings of Japan started on 1910s but today’s style is created on 60s. “Chikara to Onna no Yo no Naka” was the first talkie anime and “Momotaro’s Divine Sea Warriors” was the first featured-anime. Today anime is a well-known screen play, video, TV broadcast and online movie. Today anime has two styles as handmade and computer draw. Also it has a large popularity in the various regions of world especially in southern Asia. How many genres of Anime are there?

There are 5 main genres of anime today. They are Yuri, Yaoi, Mecha, Harem and Magical girl. Anime became famous because every anime creator has his own style. Especially in character design it’s possible to see these details perfectly. Eye styles and face expressions are characteristics of anime.

Mecha anime is one of most popular anime genres in the world. Genre’s main characteristics are skilled pilots and their fighting robots. Two subgenres of Mecha anime are possible as Real Robot and Super Robot. Mecha anime is also very suitable for video games.  Also toys of popular Mecha animes are always selling high. They are some popular examples of this genre as “”Assault Vehicles” and “Combat Armor”.

Yuri or Girls’ Love with its English name is a genre of Manga talks about love relationship between girls. This genre of anime started on 70s. But real boom time of Yuri is 90s. There are some girly magazines in Japan, mostly advertising in Yuri anime. Yuri is also released some works in western and Sun Magazine published some of them.

Yaoi or Boy’s Love is the men version of Yuri. Yaoi is mostly producing by female anime writers. It was a big controversy about Yaoi in its first release period because anime fans called it “commercialize of anime”. Yaoi screenplay couldn’t affect American viewers but books of them are really affected.

Magical girls are another genre of anime. It’s about supergirls and their superhuman skills. There are lots of clichés today in Magical girls’ genre and mostly little girls like this genre. For example, all magical girls have a hidden identity. They are coward little girls in their school but heroines in their fight. They have also magical girlfriends helping each other. There are popular anime on this genre as “Cardcaptor Sakura” and “Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch”.

Harem is also a popular genre of anime. It’s generally about one boy and three or more girls helping him. Also there are versions with one girl and more boys helping her. Harem is also today popular for a specific group of people because it’s easy to find lots of clichés even in a little harem anime.

Anime’s worldwide popularity rises in some eras with popular recreations of anime. Astro Boy is for example an adaptation of anime and it became famous all over the world. Also there are anime that is famous with its own name like Pokémon. Today anime is a cultural tool of Japan. But some problems like using high colors in anime and some sexual drawings are forcing the governments to restrict them.  Also Japanese people don’t like American versions of anime. Last example is Avatar: The Last Airbender. Avatar: The Last Airbender taking its power from anime drawing styles. In movie version, this power was useless and movie didn’t make a high-gross in world. But new anime adaptations will also be released in later years.


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