How many people die each year in the world?

Death is the truth of life. Every day people die and born. According to reports, 6,446,131,400 are living in the world and every day 8.78 of 1000 people are dying. It means 155,000 people die every year. Till the day humanity will find the immortality, people will die. Against this number, growth rate is still positive so it means more people born than died. Every year rate is going positive for more than 70 million people. How many people die each year in the world?

According to latest researches, 155,000 people die every day in the world. Over 2.4 million people die in US every year. Nearly 45,000 of them die in road accidents. Also homicides, drunk driving and poisoning are killing over 17.000 people. Also researches showed that every year over 178,000 people die because of wrong medication or hospital errors.
There are many rates reporting by health organizations about death rates. Crude death rate is one of them. According to report, Highest crude death rate is in South Africa and it’s 17.23 for 1000 people. Ukraine follows it with 15.76, Lesotho has 15.18 and Chad has 15.16.
There are many reasons of death but some reasons are affecting biggest numbers of people in the world now. Ischaemic heart disease is the biggest death reason of people now. It’s the leading cause of death with 12.6%. Cerebrovascular disease is following it with 9.7%, Lower respiratory infections is 6.8%, HIV/AIDS is 4.9% and Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is 4.8%. It’s strange that Tuberculosis and Malaria is still killing people on high rates.
Malnutrition is still the biggest reason in some countries of the world for mortality. According to numbers, 58% of all deaths in world caused by malnutrition. In 2006, 62 million people died because of malnutrition and number is still over 60 million per year. Also according to reports, 36 million people died because of hunger. Hunger problem is mostly hitting the children. According to researches, 6 million children per year are dying because of hunger related problems. It means a child die every 5 seconds.

Especially HIVAIDS is a big problem on undeveloped countries. In 2001, 2,678,000 people died because of AIDS. Lower respiratory infections followed it with 2,643,000 deaths and Ischaemic heart disease with 2,484,000 deaths.
But it’s different on developed countries. Ischaemic heart disease is the biggest mortality reason. According to 2001 numbers, 3,512,000 people died because of ischaemic heart disease. Cerebrovascular disease and Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is following it.
According to researches, construction sector is the most dangerous sector and mortality rate is highest. According to official numbers, 1226 people on construction sector died because of fatal accidents. Transportation accidents, agriculture accidents, professional service accidents and mining accidents are also have high fatality rates.
Numbers also showed that age related death numbers are under the accident related death numbers now. Especially road and work accidents are killing more and more people every year.

There are many health organizations working to reduce death numbers caused by problems like hunger. According to researches, Africa is the continent that hunger related deaths are seen and Asia is following it. Also South America continent is high on hunger related mortality. It’s true that there was a balance on death and born rates before 1800s but today there’s no balance and birth rate is higher than death. Because of this situation, world population is getting higher every day. Especially World Health Organization is a big community working to decrease hunger and other mortality rates in Africa, Asia and other continents.


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