How many differences are there between a Mac and PC?

Mac and PC have the biggest market share in computer world. Mac computers are producing by Apple Inc. and they are running Mac OS as operating system. PC or Personal computer is also a type of computer runs on Windows or similar but not compatible with Mac operating system. PC’s history goes to 1965 while first MAC computer is released in 1984. Mac and PC users have different aims mostly while buying one of them but also there are lots of myths about two computer models. How many differences are there between a Mac and PC?

First of all, A Mac computer is only producing by Apple while A PC is possible to buy from various companies like Dell, Asus, Acer and more. Apple always use this situation on its advertisement campaigns by the words that Mac is the combination of best hardware and software while PC configuration is various and at the mercy of seller company.
It was a definite article in 90s that a Mac’s design is always better than PC. This article continued in 2000s and Apple released world’s thinnest laptop as Imac while Notebook and Netbook producers are searching for new designs. Today there are ultrabooks and some of them are thin as Imac in a faster hardware than Mac. But a Mac’s design is always charismatic and easy to notice.
Price is another difference between PC and Mac. Macs have limited models like MacBook Air, Mac Pro, Imac and Mac mini while various companies produce thousands of PC models. Today an average Mac starts from $999 while a similar hardware notebook is $699. Apple never gave up to choose quality hardware whether price is high or not but it’s possible to find cheap and low quality hardware on some PCs. Beside this, today Mac’s prices are also questionable because it’s not 90s and PC producers sell PC’s in the same hardware configuration with latest Mac models on lower prices. Also it’s possible to create a customized desktop computer on budget but it’s not possible for Mac.

Operating system is also an important difference between computers. When a child sits on Windows, he can understand and use it in ten minutes while he needs at least one month to learn Mac. Some people think that if someone starts with Mac, this situation will be reverse but it’s possible to say that while PCs are using three or more buttoned mouses, Mac use hand gestures and one button mouses.

If a user look on customizability window while buying a Mac or Pc, Pc will be more optional because it’s possible to buy and use lots of accessories with it. TV tuners, graphic accessories and more are possible for PC while they are very limited on Mac. Also accessories for Mac are expensive than PC.
There are also lots of myths about PC and Mac in computer world. One of the biggest myths about two computers is about virus and malware. A common belief says that a Mac never gets virus but it’s not true and never been true. It’s true that Windows is the main target of hackers because it has the biggest market share in world but today Mac is also a target of hackers. In 2012, a malware called “Fakeflash” stole private information from 600.000 Mac users. Real danger comes from Mac because antivirus sector for Mac Os is not developed as Windows.

Another myth about two computers is about gaming. It is a common belief that there’s no game for Mac. It’s not true because Steam company and many companies today releasing important games for Mac.

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