How Many Keys Are There in a Piano?

What do you think about producing the music? Do you like listening the music? Can you play any musical instruments? Today we are going to make a short analysis about the music and more specifically we will give some specific information about the musical instrument of piano and its history. Almost all of the people from the beginning of the history have been playing or listening the music. In the different regions of the world and with the different instruments people have been trying to produce their music. At that point, in the whole world there are lots of the different musical instruments and some of them are very popular and in the whole world they are well know and they are played by the millions of the people. Today we are going to make a short analysis about the instrument of the piano and we will give some specific information about the history of piano. Let’s look at the history of piano at first sight.


The History of Piano

When we look at the history of the piano, it is possible to see that the bases of the piano can be rooted to the old periods of the humanity. It is an instrument with keys and it has very complex mechanism and by touching the stings that are available in the body of it, piano can produce the sounds. There are 2 different types of piano in accordance with the structure of them and their names are console and grand and it is possible see those two types of the pianos all around the whole world especially in the concert saloons. When we look at the total number of the keys that are available in the piano, we can see that average there are 88 different keys of a piano. The first piano is made in the years of 1700’s in the city of Florence of Italy and the name of the man who does it is the Bartolommeo Cristofori. As all we know, with the rapid development of the technology, there are lots of the innovations and the developments about the piano in history.


The role of the piano has very important especially in the field of the music because when we look at almost all of the popular composers that are available all around the whole world, we can see that those composers use the piano as their major instrument and it seems that this situation will be the same in the future years in the field of the music. The structure of the piano is very complex and it is very difficult to produce it and the materials that are used within the piano are very expensive and correspondingly to this situation we see that prices of the pianos are very high. On the other hand there are some electronic pianos and they are cheaper than those ones that are from the lumbers.


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