How many years Chow Chow dog breed lives?

Chow Chow is one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. According to researches, origin of Chow Chow is coming from North China and they are one of the oldest dog breeds in the world. Chinese name of breed is Songshi Quan which means “puffy-lion dog” Breed has its own characteristic features and it’s very rare to see Chow Chow dogs not carrying these features. They have very dense double coat, fur of neck area is thin and coat is mainly cream. They are small and healthy but lifetime of Chow Chow’s are not long as some other dog breeds. How many years Chow Chow dog breed lives?

Flea is the biggest problem of Chow Chow’s and their nature is now strong to fight against fleas. They have also common problems like entropion, diabetes mellitus and gastric cancer. Breed is always under danger of autoimmune diseases and when it’s sent to climate that is not suitable, it’s possible to see skin melanoma. Average lifetime of Chow Chow’s is 12 years.
Temperament of Chow Chow is mostly calm but they are very aggressive if environment needs to save its family or owner. Also they are aggressive when it’s time to secure the land. But The American Kennel Club standards, Chow Chow’s with too much aggressive behavior cannot be registered to club. They can bite their owners and 8 of 238 dog bite fatalities in 20 years were caused by Chow Chows. It’s also caused by Chow Chow’s origins which were used as hunting dogs in China. Breed doesn’t like to be active and it can easily feed in the house or apartment. They don’t need hours of exercise and mostly they want exercise because of boring in home.

Chow Chow breed became a popular culture icon with Sigmund Freud’s Chow Chow named Jo-Fi. It attended to all therapies of Sigmund Freud because he believed that dogs have a special sense that can judge a person’s character and it can help him to understand patient’s mental situation. Also in 90s, Martha Stewart’s Chow Chow was very popular and it became an icon after died in a kennel fire. Also Janet Jackson’s Chow Chow was popular in 90s. Today, Hollywood stars have Chow Chow-Labrador mixes. Most popular owners of Chow Chow-Labrador mixes are Selena Gomez, Drew Barrymore and Matthew McConaughey.
According to dog year experts, one Chow Chow year is equivalent to 16 human years. Two to 24 and three to 30 years. Chow Chow is also popular with high cost of owning. They need special meal especially if they are ill and they need to go a vet every year. According to a research, cost of a healthy Chow Chow is $13,000 per year in USA.
Chow Chows like to play with children but they can be shy near adults. It’s possible to see many Chow Chow videos on the net while they are playing with little children. They are also very popular in the animal circuses. But some countries banned to use Chow Chows in the circus because of their tend to be ill easily and their aggressive character that they can bite people after forced to make show.
According to researches, Chow Chow breed had the longer legs in the 1900s but today new breeds have shorter legs with a bigger fur coat. It is possible to say that breed is evolving fast from pointing and hunting dog to home dog. But some physical characteristic appearance of Chow Chow breed like characteristic blue-black tongue and curly tail is still the same.

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