How Many Users Are There the Application of Viber in the World?

Do you use the technology in your life? Are you interested in technology? How much hour are you using your computer or smart phone? How Many friends do you have and which friends of you are interested in technology?Viber

When we think about those kind of questions, we see that how the technology live in our pocket and we see that how the technology is important and necessary in our lives. When we look at the history of the technology it is possible to see that on account of the rapid developments in the all fields especially after the period in industrial revolution, it is easy to development of the technology and we see that almost in all fields the technology develops too much extend and when we think about the last ten years it is possible to see how the mobile phones develop too much extend and some people think that it is unbelievable how the mobile phone technology develop in such ratios. Today when we look at our environment, it is possible to see that almost all of the people are using the smart phones and correspondingly to this situation they are using the internet in their smart phones. When we think about the background of the using of the internet in personal computers, it is not difficult to say that the history of the internet has not so much time and in current millions of people have been using the internet on their mobile phones and with the development of the developments in the field of the smart phones people can do whatever they want on their smart phones that they can do with their personal computers and on account of the fact that the using of the smart phones are so widespread that it seems that in the future millions of people who are now using the smart phones today will start to use the smart phones in their lives in order to make their lives much more easier than now. On the other hand there are lots of different companies that produce the smart phones and correspondingly to this situation it is possible to see that there are also lots of different companies that are make development of the software and application for the smart phones and lots of these applications are very popular along the whole world. Today we are going to make a short analysis about the application of the Viber and the number of the people who are using Viber.


The Number of People Who Are Using Viber in Their Smart Phones


In the whole world, with the using of the internet, to provide the connection between the people who are from the different regions of the world is available and unlike in the past people can connect and talk to each other without paying money because of the applications in their smart phones such as Viber, by using this application people can talk to each other on their phones if they have internet connection and in the whole world today there are 200 million users of Viber.

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