How many breed varieties of Beagle breed?

Beagle is a popular dog type which is very similar to Foxhound but Beagles are smaller than Foxhounds with small legs and softer ears. They are in the hound dogs category and their most powerful skill is scent tracking. These features make them an important breed for police investigations. Today beagles are using officially for detecting foodstuffs and prohibited agricultural imports. They are also popular in public use with their silent temper and low inherited illness problems. There was Beagle breed since 2000 years but they were not like modern Beagle breed. How many breed varieties of Beagle breed?

According to The American Kennel Club, there are two breeds of Beagle. One of them is “the 13-inch for hounds less than 13 inches” and other is “15-inch for those between 13 and 15 inches. But The Canadian Kennel Club recognizes two of the varieties as one. According to The Canadian Kennel Club an original Beagle cannot exceed 15 inches. The Kennel Club also recognizes one variety which must be between 13 and 16 inches.

There’s a breed also called as “Pocket Beagles.” It’s possible to see lots of adds everyday about people selling “Pocket Beagles” but none of the Kennel Clubs recognizes “Pocket Beagles” because they are so small because of dwarfism, poor breeding and other problems. Also there’s a Beagle breed called as “Patch Hounds.” This breed is developed by Willet Randall in 1800s and has a high ability of tracing rabbit but they also don’t recognize by Kennel Clubs.
Temperament doesn’t change noticeably on different Beagle breed. They are neither aggressive nor timid. They are very hard to be guard dogs because they are afraid of strangers but their barking level is very close to aggressive dogs and they sometimes use it. They are easily excited but lose attention also after some run.
Beagle breed is very intelligent. They can follow the directions easily but they are very single-minded so it’s very hard to train them to make the directions a habit. They can take and remember scent of their owner and they can distract people and other smells. They are not willing to be independent like some dog breeds and they can wait in doghouse for a longtime. They like to run but don’t like to work or train.
They became popular family pets after 50s with their perfect companion with children but they have separation anxiety problem which occurs when child goes away from dog for a long time. They easily get fat so they need exercise every day.

Average lifetime of Beagles is 10-13 years. Most of the Beagles have epilepsy and hypothyroidism problems. Some of the Beagles may face dwarfism because of hypothyroidism. It’s a common problem that especially children find ill Beagles very funny because of their walking style on weak legs and crooked bag. Also illnesses like Hip dysplasia and disk problems are very common for Beagles.
Most of the Beagles get arthritis problem in young ages which happen
when immune system started to attack joints. Beagles with this problem need steroid treatments.
Beagles are hunter animals and their powerful tracing and hunting ability created word “beagling.” They became popular in 1800s with their hunting ability because poor hunters were not able to buy good horses and they need to follow animals fast.
It’s also possible to see that Beagles are using for animal testing. Especially their passive nature is making them a popular test breed. Every year, over 8.000 dogs are using for tests on human medicines and animal medicines. Using Beagles for cosmetic tests are banned in USA and UK.

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