How many types of Flu viruses are there?

Influenza viruses are mostly known as Flu viruses. Influenza viruses are a type of RNA viruses and they can affect all mammals and birds. Fever and sore throat are the main signs of Flu. Influenza viruses may cause to pneumonia. These viruses are contagious and different types of strong influenza pandemics have seen in recent years. How many types of Flu viruses are there?

Science parts the Influenza viruses to three categories as A, B, C. Main influenza illnesses cause of A and B type viruses. C type influenza virus is about respiratory illness and it doesn’t create big flu epidemics like A and B. When new types of flu viruses are active, they create a new influenza pandemic. In the spring 2009, world has seen a new type of H1N1 and it was a big pandemic flu.

Main influenza virus type “A” has two subtypes as known (N) and (H). H is hemagglutinin protein and (N) neuraminidase protein on the virus. Also there are 16 different hemagglutinin types and 9 different neuraminidase types. H1N1 and H3N2 are the main types of “A” influenza viruses effect people.

Other main influenza virus type “B” is only effecting human and seals. Influenza virus B is a mutualized type of Influenza virus A. It evolves slower than “A” type in the human body.

Influenza virus C is from Orthomyxoviridae  family like A and B and only seen in human and pigs. This type of Influenza mostly causes to local epidemics.

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