How Many Microsoft Outlook Users are there in the whole world today?

How often do you use the e-mail in order to communicate with the people that are around the whole world? What do you think about the easiness of the e-mails to our lives? Do you use the internet in our daily life in order to make your life much easier? As all we know, from the 1980’s the using of the computers and the internet has been increasing and when we look at the current situation it is possible to see the widespread using of the internet almost in all fields. Especially in the area of the business, people are using the internet too much extend and today we are going to make a short analysis about the using of the e-mail by the people and more specifically the using of the software of the Microsoft Outlook and the number of the people who are using that software in the whole world. Let’s look at the history of the software of Microsoft Outlook.


The History and the Number of the People Who Are Using the Software of Microsoft Outlook

When we look at the history of the using of the Outlook by the people we can base the using of it upon the period of the using of the Microsoft MS Dos. First, the software is used with the operating system of Ms Dos and with the development of the operating systems with the rapid development of the technology, the software is started to be used with the different operating systems. Today in the different operating systems first in the Windows, it is used too much extend. The software is reached to the costumers of the Microsoft with the pack of the Microsoft Office and by using the software people can do lots of their personal works and these ones are first of all is sending and getting e-mail to their friends and other people who are from the different regions of the world and on the other hand people can use the software as the calendar, notebook and we can count lots of the different features of the software that help people too much extend in their lives.  When we look at the number of the different versions of the Microsoft Outlook it is possible to see for us that there are 11 different versions of that software and we can list them is such a way:


Outlook for MS-DOS

Outlook for Windows 3.1x[5]

Outlook for Macintosh

Outlook 97

Outlook 98

Outlook 2000

Outlook 2002

Office Outlook 2003

Office Outlook 2007

Outlook 2010

Outlook 2011 for Mac

Outlook 2013

On the other hand it is possible to see that all around the whole world, in accordance with the recent researches that are done by the experts there are about 347 million people are using the software of Microsoft Outlook and it seems that in the future this number will be increased because of the need of the people.


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