How many Toyota Cars Does Toyota produce each year?

2012 Toyota Aurion Sportivo SX6


The Foundation of Toyota Corporation

With the help of developing technology, the industry of cars has been developing rapidly in last century. People use cars in their every part of lives and cars are very helpful for us in modern world. Toyota is a company which produces high quality cars and sells them among the world. There are lots of models of Toyota and they are preferred by most of the people around world.



Toyota Corporation is founded in November of 1933. Its original name is “Toyota Motor Corporation” and it is founded by Kiichiro Toyoda who is son of the founder of “Toyota Spinning & Weaving Company”. First, Toyota is founded in order to produce motors but after some time the corporation starts to produce cars for passengers.


The family who find the Toyota is very popular among Japan. First, they produce first textile mechanism and it is Saikichi Toyoda who makes that mechanism. After finding “Toyota Spinning & Weaving Company”, Saikichi decides to find an automobile company. With the help of his son whose name is Kiichiro, they find the Toyota Corporation. After they find the corporation, they design a logo for their corporation. There are three elliptical figures in Toyota’s logo and they represent costumers and their hearts, and one of them represents satisfaction of costumer another one represents team spirit and the other one represents eagerness of development.


With the help of high technology Toyota produces lots of new cars and models. There are lots of models of Toyota Corporation. Their names are Corolla, Avensis, Camry, Yaris, Verso, Auris, Celice, Supra, Hilux and there are lots of models of Toyota. The most popular model of Toyota is Corolla. Corolla is produced in 1966 for the first time and it is a legend from its first producing to modern day, and Corolla’s the most famous type are the models of between 1992-1997, they are very useful and people like them very much. Generally models of Toyota are very common around the world and people prefer it to much extend.  And finally let’s look at how many cars do Toyota Company produce each year up to now. According to the last research up to now, this number is changing according to the years. There is a statistic about this and we are going to show you in numbers, these are: Worldwide Toyota production, in 1000s:

1998: 4,634.0

1999: 4,729.7

2000: 5,180.5

2001: 5,134.7

2002: 5,635.7

2003: 6,078.3

2004: 6,723.7

2005: 7,360.9

2006: 8,093.2

2007: 8,534.7

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