How Many Countries have banned the GMO crops ?

With the rapid development of the technology in last decade especially after the industrial revolution in people’s lives there are lots of important changes. Lots of these important changes are positive but when we look at from the general point we can say that there are also lots of negative effects of the rapid development of the technology in people’s lives. gmo-tomato

For example, when we thing of the consequences of the high using of the technological things we can see that they can be harmful for the people’s health in long term. For instance lots of the technological devices send ultraviolet lights to the environment and as a result of this people are affected too much extend and negatively from these ultraviolet lights. On the other hand, lots of the people are using the technology in a positive way but unfortunately there are lots of people who are using the technology in bad way in order to make their salaries and their other benefits. By doing this they are putting at risk to the people’s lives and health. On this point it can be said that maybe one of the most dangerous thing is the crops that are GMO. So, on this point we have to ask at first what is GMO crop? GMO crop is Genetically Modified Crops in original, people are adding lots of artificial things to these crops and they can get much more great crops in a short time. People are doing this in order to get much more money, in accordance with them it is beneficial but on the other hand when we think that situation from the point of people’s health we can not say the same situation because it is extremely dangerous for the people’s health to consume this type of crops and foods. Because they are not being natural when people are consuming them all of the artificial elements are going to the body of the people and at the end of the process for example after ten or twenty years these artificial materials are collected in the bodies of people and as a result of this lots of diseases are come to the emergence. On this point maybe the disease of Cancer is one of those diseases. When we think about the reasons of the increasing number of the Cancer in last decade it is not so difficult to find the reasons of the disease. In the world in lots of places there are lots of GMO crops but on the other hand some countries are starting to prohibit that kind of products. Now shortly let’s look at the number of countries that prohibit the production of those kind of crops.

 The Number of Countries that prohibit the GMO crops.

 When we look at the whole world it is not so much that prohibit the GMO crops. We see that unfortunately in total there are 16 countries that prohibit the GMO crops and we can say that these countries are the first world countries from the point of the development. These are United States of America, Hungary, Greece, Austria, Japan, New Zeeland, Germany, Ireland, Bulgaria, Luxemburg, France, Madeira, Switzerland, India and Thailand.



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