How many endangered species are there in the world?

Animals are the owners of world like us. But nature and human is threatening their life. Lots of species are extinct till today. There are also animals that are in danger of extinction.   How many endangered species are there in the world?

Ecosystem is what world needs to retain the life. But especially in modern age, human started to use nature more and more. It broke the balance of the ecosystem. So lots of animals are become extinct. There are also lots of animals in the edge of extinction.

There’s a big group called International Union for Conservation of Nature for saving nature and endangered animals. They have a red list about endangered animals. This list says endangered animals in the world are 41,415 species. 16,306 of them are edge of extinction.

There are lots of different animal types which are close to extinction. Some of them are well known by people, some of them are special species. For example blue whales are nearly extinction. Lots of monkey kinds, sea turtles and red pandas are in a vulnerable position. Cheetah and lions are also facing with extinction. Scientists say there will be no leopard in fifty years.

There are lots of groups working to save nature and endangered animals. Fifty years ago, people were taking endangered animals from their wild and taking them to zoos for saving. Today there are special areas in the wild. Endangered animals are living free but if there’s a problem, veterinarians are going to save them. It’s new and very well for saving endangered species without torturing them.


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